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If your name is Poe, Lazer, or Kofi: You’ll Love Uncle Goose Personalized Gifts!

If your name is Poe, Lazer, or Kofi: You’ll Love Uncle Goose Personalized Gifts!

If you know a child with a beautiful and uncommon name, personalization is a gift choice that’s sure to be a hit with them!
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Uncle Goose Black Hole Block

Introducing our Most Expensive Block Ever: the Black Hole Block

Don’t miss this chance to own the Black Hole Block. It will blow your mind AND your wallet!
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Uncle Goose Constellation/Nursery Rhyme Blocks

What's the Connection Between Constellations and Nursery Rhymes?

Does the nursery rhyme Hey Diddle Diddle teach children about constellations and the night sky? You be the judge!
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Uncle Goose Auto Rollers

Introducing: Auto Rollers - Rollin' Fun for Little Ones!

New Toy Collection! Buckle up and get ready to roll with Auto Rollers from Uncle Goose!
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Uncle Goose States Chips

Let's Learn About Bird Sayings!

Learning about the origins of bird idioms can give you goosebumps! How many sayings about birds can you think of?
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Uncle Goose Herbs Chips

New! Add a Dash of Fun with Uncle Goose Herb Chips!

It's about "thyme" you followed our "sage" advice to spice up your life! Check out our new product, Herb Chips from Uncle Goose!
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Uncle Goose Cryptid Case Files

Mystery, Monsters, and Mayhem! Introducing Cryptid Case Files

Can you tell fact from fiction? Introducing Cryptid Case Files: the wooden toy that makes you wonder while you giggle!
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Uncle Goose Classic ABC Blocks

ABC Blocks: They’re Not Always About Learning the Alphabet!

Children will do amazing things with their Uncle Goose Classic ABC Blocks. They will often surprise you and defy expectations. Count on it. 
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Uncle Goose Environments Dinosaur Blocks

Two New Toys! Introducing Ocean and Dinosaur Environments

Visit realms where blue whales frolic and dinosaurs roam! Introducing two new toys: Ocean Environments and Dinosaur Environments! 
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Uncle Goose French Blocks

No Manual Required! Trust the Blocks, Trust the Process

Your Uncle Goose doesn't provide an instruction manual to go along with our blocks. And there's a good reason for that!
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Uncle Goose Gosling Square Blocks

Chase Away the Winter Blues with Color, Creativity, and Community!

Winter might be chill, but your space doesn't have to be cold and uninviting. Let your collaborative and creative colors shine!
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Uncle Goose Cubelings Forest Blocks

Got Sick Kids? Let Them Play With Wooden Toys!

When it comes to care, wooden toys are extremely low maintenance. They don't need to be sanitized, steamed, or soaked. That's one more thing off your to-do list!
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