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Uncle Goose Greek Mythology Blocks

What 3-letter word gives you the power of a mighty god or goddess?

Look at the world, from above, as if you were a mighty god or goddess. That’s the powerful, mind-building, multi-dimensional perspective a map can give you. 
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Uncle Goose Greek Mythology Blocks

What does March have in common with a red planet, an angry god, and a wise goddess?

The month of March is named after a Roman God. But which one? Read more to find out -- and to get a sneak preview of our latest block set.
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Uncle Goose Baby Blocks

Baby Sprinkles: baby showers with a twist

At Uncle Goose, we noticed that people were coming to our site in search of “baby sprinkle gifts.” Which made us wonder: what’s a baby sprinkle?
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Uncle Goose Women Who Dared Blocks

Behind the Scenes: Making Toys that Make History

While Women Who Dared is a widely beloved block set, people have often asked why we selected the women we did. Answer: it wasn’t easy! Let's go behind the scenes to find out how we made this hit toy and puzzle. 
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Uncle Goose Valentine Letters

Fun with Anagrams and Block Play

Moving blocks around to form anagrams can help children better visualize and conceptualize word formation. Plus - playing with anagrams can be fun! 
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Uncle Goose Planet Blocks

Why don’t Uncle Goose blocks cost more?

Sometimes, we’ll get the question “Why do your blocks cost so much?” But it’s the wrong question. A better question is “Why don’t Uncle Goose blocks cost more?” 
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Uncle Goose Chinese Blocks

Celebrating the Year of the Rat

The Chinese New Year begins on Saturday, January 25, 2020. This year marks the beginning of the Year of the Rat.

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Uncle Goose Dinosaur Blocks

Create a time and place for unstructured play

Unstructured play, or free play, is when children play for fun. There’s no specific learning objective. There’s minimal or no adult guidance or coaching. Free play is a key part of developing executive function in children. 

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Uncle Goose Object Permanence

Object Permanence: Why You Continue To Exist During Peekaboo

Even though something is out of sight or reach: it still exists. That's object permanence, and it's a key part of developing the capacity for symbolic thought. 
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Uncle Goose Letter Blocks

It’s a New Year and a New Decade: but is it a New Era?

When people say "it's the start of a new era" - you can relax. They aren't speaking geologically!
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Uncle Goose Merry Maker Blocks

What makes it OK to take time off to play?

After handcrafting and packaging toys all year, we deserve some time off! Here are three factors that makes us feel good about taking time off from work:

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What's the difference between astronomical and meteorological winter?

What's the difference between astronomical and meteorological winter?

What’s the difference between astronomical winter and meteorological winter?
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