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Uncle Goose Bug Blocks

There's No Such Thing as an Ugly Bug

Show some love for bugs! If you think some bugs are ugly, but take a closer look.
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Uncle Goose Groovie Ghoulie Blocks

Why Some Uncle Goose Toys Might Be Too Scary For Children

Well, along with the weather, the Uncle Goose complaint hotline has been heating up again! Maybe it’s the high temperatures that bring out the zanies.
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Uncle Goose Fossil Blocks

How would you like to become a paleontologist?

Do you like looking for clues and solving puzzles? You might make a great paleontologist!

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Uncle Goose Blocks

Why your Uncle Goose doesn’t want your toy ideas

Your Uncle Goose isn't a contract manufacturer. Nor do we do custom orders. So we'd appreciate it if people didn't approach us with unsolicited ideas for toys.
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Uncle Goose Blocks

12 Elementary Graduation Gifts for $25 and under

June is graduation time! Celebrate the occasion with small, fun gifts that encourage curiosity and educational achievement. 
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Uncle Goose ABC Blocks

Is there a difference between flashcards and ABC blocks?

Some customers seem to be puzzled that Uncle Goose ABC blocks aren’t flashcards! 
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Uncle Goose P's and Q's

What does it mean to mind your p’s and q’s?

The English idiom “mind your p’s and q’s” means to be careful and courteous. But why the letters P and Q? What do they stand for? And where did that phrase come from?
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Uncle Goose Chord Cubes Guitar Blocks

Blocks Aren’t for Babies

Blocks are often falsely depicted as "baby toys." Your Uncle Goose would love to put an end to this popular misconception, once and for all!
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How many different ways can you say Mayday?

How many different ways can you say Mayday?

May 1 is May Day. Historically, it’s a happy day of celebration. So when someone is in trouble and needs help, why do they say "mayday" three times?
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Uncle Goose Merry Maker Blocks

Behind the Scenes: the Making of the Merry Maker Blocks

There’s a lot of history and genius that went into crafting this midcentury holiday themed block set. Let's explore the artistry of Mary Blair. 
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Uncle Goose Cubelings Blocks

How to Slay a Cliché - Animal Edition

Here's a fun game to play on your next car ride or rainy day: slay a cliché!
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Uncle Goose Gaggle Grouser Blocks

Honk if you love onomatopoeia!

Children love to learn about onomatopoeia. They’re zippy, playful words that are fun to say! 
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