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More Than Toys

Built to last several lifetimes, our classic, heirloom toys and room decor teaches children sorting, matching, ordering, language, logic, spatial relations, recognition, organization, planning and balance from a young age.

From the moment you open a new set of Uncle Goose blocks they make a deep and lasting impression. Everything you experience and everything you learn by playing with blocks can stay with you for a lifetime.

Uncle Goose Chips - Forest Tales

Storytellers Will Love Our Latest Product: Forest Tales 

Create sentences and stories with our latest toy! Storyboards: Forest Tales features Daphne the Deer, Burp the Bear, and Flash the Fox. What adventures will they have? It's totally up to you!
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Uncle Goose Environments, Nutcracker Blocks

Christmas Dreams Come True with Our New Nutcracker Blocks!

Dreams come true with our new Uncle Goose Nutcracker Blocks!  This delightful and versatile toy keeps the Nutcracker spirit alive during the holidays.
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Uncle Goose Reindeer Blocks

Reindeer Blocks: A Festive New Product for Animal Lovers!

Meet the newest addition to our toy lineup — Reindeer Blocks. This 9-block set blends the joy of reindeer games with the puzzling power of wordplay!
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