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Uncle Goose Neighborhood Environment Blocks

A Doggone Tale of Toy Block Trouble

Oh, have we got a tail…err, tale for you today!

Coleen wrote to tell us that her family recently rescued a puppy. Although he is cute, he is what Coleen called “…a bit destructive.”

“He obviously has good taste because he chewed up one of our beloved Uncle Goose blocks, leaving a very upset 3-year-old,” wrote Coleen. She even sent us a photo of the damaged block and a mugshot of the perpetrator!

Just look at that face, will you? That little rascal sure looks guilty to us!

And we can’t have an upset toddler in the home, can we? So we sent her a replacement block faster than you can say “fetch!”

And fear not, Coleen. You’re not alone. Dogs and puppies are the number one reason your Uncle Goose has a just-in-case replacement block program. Dogs can’t seem to resist taste-testing our wooden toys!

And remember: it’s not just the big dogs like St. Bernards and Old English Sheepdogs who love to chomp on wooden blocks. Little dogs and rescue puppies like to nosh, too!

If your blocks get lost or damaged, you can always order a replacement block directly from our site. And if you need an extra letter or two to spell an especially long name, go ahead and use the replacement block program to order a supplemental block, as well!

Let Coleen’s predicament serve as a warning to our fellow pet-loving builders: keep an eagle eye on your furry friends. What looks like a toy block masterpiece to you can look like a chew toy challenge to them!

Until next time, keep building, keep playing, and keep those pupsters away from the blocks!

P.S. Coleen, if you're reading this, your pup has officially been inducted into the Uncle Goose Hall of Fame. Give your adorable pup some belly rubs from all of us at Uncle Goose!