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Beware of Roving Packs of St. Bernard Puppies!

Beware of Roving Packs of St. Bernard Puppies!

For the past 10 years, your Uncle Goose sends a card to customers who order new toys from our website. The card says:

Uh-oh. You lost a block. Or a roving pack of feral St. Bernard puppies decided to use a few as chew toys. We won’t judge or scold. We offer replacement blocks for those “just-in-case” situations.

We also use that wording on our block replacement page. But we hadn’t put up the new CHIPS toys as one of our products on our online replacement order page.

Your Uncle Goose figured we had a little time before one of those devious puppies arrived on the scene. But we were wrong.

On the same day your Uncle Goose released our first CHIPS toy, a St. Bernard puppy named Gus was born. Four months later, the little rascal attacked the raccoon chip from the Uncle Goose Collective Nouns set.

Raccoon CHIP

We handled the raccoon CHIP replacement through a series of emails. The customer told us what chip her St. Bernard puppy Gus destroyed, and we replaced it.

She also sent us photos of Gus, who is adorable. We also got the photos of his destruction, which is much less endearing.

Coincidentally, another dog named Gus destroyed a few Uncle Goose Classic ABC blocks the month before. According to written testimony, it took Gus less than 5 seconds to inflict irreparable damage to the toys.

For us, the story of Gus the St. Bernard serves as a harbinger of puppy plundering to come. We’ll get to work on putting up replacement information for CHIPS on our replacement block page.

But because we’re ramping up for holiday sales, it may take us a while. Until then, please keep your toys away from pups.

You can reach out to us via email if you need a replacement chip: bonus points for photos. And keep an eye out for those devious but delightful dogs!