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Uncle Goose Chips - Language Flash Cards

Introducing 3 New CHIPS Vocabulary Toys

This month, your Uncle Goose is releasing three more new CHIPS toys. Let’s take a look at each:

1. CHIPS: Vocabulary Flash Cards in English

CHIPS English Vocabulary Flashcards

You’ll see an illustration on one side, and a printed English word on the back. Will you use these CHIPS to help children learn vocabulary or play guessing games? Or will you use them to play party and car games like Charades, Eye Spy, 5 Things, X is like Y, and more? In creative hands, this is a very playful set indeed!

CHIPS Spanish Vocabulary Flashcards


2. CHIPS: Vocabulary Flash Cards in Spanish

¡Guau! You’ll see a colorful illustration on one side, and a printed Spanish word on the back. You can quiz yourself and others on Spanish vocabulary. You can also invent and play oodles of guessing and storytelling games.

CHIPS Spanish Vocabulary Flashcards

3. CHIPS: Vocabulary Flash Cards in French

Hourra! And here, we have our CHIPS Vocab Party Time toy in French. With these, you can test your French vocabulary and play fun games, as well. Be sure to play and pronounce vocabulary words in your very best French!

CHIPS Vocabulary Flashcards

Your Uncle Goose makes our CHIPS line of toys from Midwestern American basswood. We recycle from it from our block making process. Our CHIPS toys are fun for both children and adults.

Each CHIP is a quarter block. Each SET contains 64 chips, so you'll get to practice and play with 64 different words and their images! 

What games and creations will you invent with your CHIPS sets? Send pics and videos to laura@unclegoose.com.