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Design Innovation: Here’s a Creative Children’s Furniture Idea

Design Innovation: Here’s a Creative Children’s Furniture Idea

Customers often reach out to tell us about the creative ways they play with our toys. And sometimes, customers reach out to show us the creative products they’re making with our blocks, too!

Steve Turr wrote to show us the bookcases he has been making for each of his six grandchildren. Steve has 2 grandsons and 4 granddaughters aged 2 weeks to 12 years.

Each of the bookcases feature the grandchild’s name at the top. And the names are spelled out with Uncle Goose Classic ABC Blocks!

bookcase uncle goose ABC blocks

About 40 years ago, Steve began woodworking by making small toys and games for his daughters. Later, he added in larger projects like bookcases, file cabinets, and toy boxes. As he got better tools, he became more daring with his projects.

And then, one of Steve’s daughters asked him to build a custom bookcase for his first grandson. She wanted a bookcase that would fit under a window in his bedroom, so she gave him specific dimensions. His daughter also wanted Steve to tilt the shelves upwards so the books would less likely fall out.

But the personalization didn’t end there! Steve went on to look for more custom design ideas. When he saw alphabet blocks, he got the idea to add an even more personal touch to the bookcase.

uncle goose alphabet blocks in bookcase

For his first personalized bookcase, Steve used standard alphabet blocks to spell out his grandson’s name. He liked the bright colors of the standard blocks. Steve hadn’t discovered Uncle Goose yet!

And when granddaughters started to arrive, Steve wanted their bookcase names to appear softer and more feminine. He went back online and discovered Uncle Goose blocks.

The pastel color selection was just what he was looking for! Steve’s daughters liked the look against the wood grain of the bookcase.

bookcase with uncle goose alphabet blocks

Around 10 years ago, Steve began selling his personalized bookcases on Etsy. He gives his customers the option of Uncle Goose blocks or standard alphabet blocks. Most choose Uncle Goose, of course!

We like sharing stories and photos like these. Lots of people go online to look for design inspiration. When you share your stories, you give others ideas to fuel their own creativity!

Thanks for sharing, Steve! And if you have a creative idea you’d like to share, pop us a line at laura@unclegoose.com.