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Uncle Goose Chips Arrows

Introducing 2 New CHIPS Toys: Mod and Arrows

Unlike the rest of the country, your Uncle Goose isn’t experiencing a CHIP shortage. We have all kinds of CHIPS!

Your Uncle Goose makes our CHIPS line of toys from the Midwestern American basswood we recycle from our block making process. Our 2 latest CHIPS toys are fun for both children and adults.

Each CHIP is a quarter block. Its shape lends itself to flashcard style learning, as well as playing all sorts of improvisational games. And of course, you’ll love stacking them up and knocking them down!

Let’s take a look at each new CHIPS set:


chips mod

These mod toys let you explore simple, elegant shapes. Both sides of each CHIP feature a full circle, one or two half circles, one or two quarter circles, or a rectangle. You’ll see these shapes printed in both bold and neutral colors. You can play with patterns. Make the world’s wildest checkerboard. Design a quilt. Or build something totally new and exciting.

CHIPS: Arrows

CHIPS: Arrows

Left, right, up, and down. All four ways point to fun! Puzzle your way through completing flowchart patterns in four different colors. Or use the arrows, lines, and circles to create your own unique designs. Will you use them to design the walls of your train station? Or to guide your way through a maze or labyrinth of your own making?

Let us know how much fun you’re having as you play with CHIPS! So far, we’ve been enjoying hearing customer stories about the fun games they’re inventing with the CHIPS Collective Nouns set.

What games and creations will you invent with your CHIPS: Arrows and CHIPS: Mod sets?