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Meet Your Uncle Goose

We exist because we love what we do.

Other than our silly yet sophisticated mascot, no one at Uncle Goose wears a suit to work.
It’s not that we don’t care how we look. Take one glance at our products, and you’ll see how much we love inspired design.
As artists and creative craftspeople, we can’t take ourselves suit-and-tie seriously.

Uncle Goose makes wooden toys and decor.
We handcraft our products in Grand Rapids, Michigan, using choice materials from around the Great Lakes.
And yes, we are 100% made in the USA.

The Uncle Goose story has a little bit of everything:

Creative madness, sibling rivalry, death, re-birth and evil bankers. It’s been a topsy-turvy 3+ decades.
Here are some of our highlights and low points...


Once upon a time...

William Bultman is shocked and dismayed to discover no one in America seems to be making wood blocks. Bultman begins hand-manufacturing classic wood alphabet blocks in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

Mid 1980's

A dad and two boys

Bultman's two sons - Scott and Pete - join their dad and begin working at Uncle Goose.

Early 1990's

Made beautiful toys

As the national economy tanks, Uncle Goose sales skyrocket. When times are tight, parents and grandparents invest in quality toys.


Faced some hard knocks

A tough time for the family. William Bultman dies. Scott and Pete Bultman take over Uncle Goose with heavy hearts.

Late 1990's

Kept making great blocks

When economy booms, demand for high-quality ABC blocks dwindles. Uncle Goose creates innovative new product lines like foreign language and specialty blocks.

Mid 2000's

Fought with villains

Evil banking practices almost destroy the company. Scott leaves Uncle Goose, mom comes to the rescue. Pete becomes president.

Late 2000's

Ideas by the zillions

Uncle Goose creates 18 different foreign language block sets. Other new product lines include Arabic, Hieroglyphics, Periodic Table, Chinese, lowercase abc, and Braille.

Early 2010's

The goose grew a new face

Uncle Goose gets a new logo. This inspires a fresh, design-forward approach for the entire company.

Mid 2010's

Even went into space

Uncle Goose experiences a creative Renaissance. Innovative new products like Planet Blocks and Women Who Dared Blocks thrive in this era.

Present day

There's no end to the laughter...in our happily ever after.

The Uncle Goose story continues. We're thriving with product lines like Cubelings and Moon Phase Blocks. Expect even more innovative new lines in the future.