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CHIPS play

Are you Having Fun with Uncle Goose Toys on Instagram?

It looks like Uncle Goose customer Timur Holove and his family are having fun playing with their toys! We spotted Timur and his family playing with our newest CHIPS toys on Instagram.

Timur wrote to tell us he got the new Uncle Goose CHIPS toys for the kiddos so they can learn new words. He wanted to practice vocabulary and collective nouns with his children. But it seems like the five-year-old and three-year-old are using them to teach each other, instead!

holding up a heart chip

To join in the fun, Timur has been taking photos of their creative play. In one interactive story, we see a little girl holding up a CHIP of a rabbit. Timur asks his Insta audience to tap in the collective name for “rabbit.”

In another story, a child holds up a CHIP with a star on it. Timur quizzes his international audience on what might be the word on the other side. So while the kids are having fun with the CHIPS on their own, Timur is creating an online quiz show, of sorts!

Uncle Goose toys at breakfast overhead shot

Timur wrote:

“My family has been enjoying UG blocks ever since our first son was born, that was five years ago! I was looking for quality block sets that are made in the United States and have minimal chemicals in them and don't fall apart. I was also concerned that blocks that are made overseas contain lead. I came across your company and ordered a set and we all fell in love. So we've been buying them ever since! We own multiple sets and kids are having a blast with them. Sometimes they sit and play for hours, putting together words and building things.”

Timur Holove, son, daughter at breakfast with CHIPS by Uncle Goose

You can see more of Tim’s photography and creativity at his Instagram page, @timholove. Perhaps you can even play one of his quizzes!

Thank you for sending us your terrific photos of your beautiful family, Timur! And thanks for letting us share them here. 

If you’re playing with your Uncle Goose toys on Instagram, feel free to follow & tag us at @unclegoose! We feel inspired by seeing the creative things both children and adults are doing with Uncle Goose toys. We hope you do, too.