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First Pets Puzzle Blocks by Uncle Goose

More Than Blocks: These 6 Block Sets are Puzzles, Too!

Blocks are terrific toys for cognitive, emotional, and physical development. And so are puzzles!

Some of our blocks are more than blocks: they’re tiling puzzles, too! With a tiling puzzle, you assemble flat shapes into a larger image.

Working on piecing together a puzzle is great for young minds and bodies. You get to work on fine motor skills, as well as social skills like patience and determination!

Plus, a young brain gets to work on space relationships and problem solving. You get to practice important concepts like directions, patterns, and shapes. And you even get to work with math by asking questions like “how many?” and “what’s missing?”

Many people also like to display a finished puzzle. It’s not only a beautiful image, but it also serves as evidence of accomplishment. You can be proud of your puzzling achievement!

How much fun will you have putting these tiling puzzles together — and then displaying your finished work?

1. Uncle Goose Greek Mythology

Greek Mythology Adventure Map Puzzle

One side of each block in our Greek Mythology Set is a part of a puzzle. Put them together, and you’ll have a Greek adventure map to display. It shows the location of six classic Greek myths.

2. Uncle Goose First Pets

first pets puzzle blocks by Uncle Goose

This is one animal-packed puzzle! After you finish assembling the puzzle, count all the animals you see. Can you even count that high? Do you know the names of all the animals? Which are your favorites?

3. Uncle Goose Women Who Dared

Women Who Dared Puzzle Blocks

“Deeds Not Words” was the motto of the woman’s suffrage movement. And purple, green, and white were the movement’s colors. That’s why you’ll see that phrase — in those colors — on the Women Who Dared Block set. Let the puzzle display inspire you as you work, play…and vote!

4. Uncle Goose Zodiac Blocks

Zodiac Wheel Puzzle Blocks

When you put the Uncle Goose Zodiac Blocks together, you can see a deep purple Horoscope Wheel. You can display this 12-piece puzzle in its basswood case.

5. Uncle Goose Gaggle Grouser Blocks

Gaggle Grousers Puzzle Blocks

This set has 16 pieces: but you’ll find 8 puzzles in it! How can this be? This is where having six sides comes into play. Take 4 blocks to assemble an animal illustration. Flip the puzzle pieces upside down, and you'll discover the sound the animal makes.

6. State of Sound

state of sound puzzle

With 50 blocks, this might be our most challenging puzzle. Or is it? Put the pieces together to see the colorful image. Display it in its basswood case.

Happy Puzzling!