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Uncle Goose First Pets Blocks


First Pets is the pet-first way to learn about American history. Enjoy a distinguished gallery of presidential animal illustrations. Uncover odd facts & pet names. Assemble a stately animal-packed puzzle. 

Throughout history, presidents have been bringing a wild assortment of pets to the White House. You’ll find alligators, a badger, tigers,  — and more! You’ll also discover tamer pets like cats, dogs, horses — and wait: are those cows you see?

Why did presidents choose the pets they did? Which US presidential families kept alligators at the White House? How many had dogs? Who turned their Thanksgiving dinners into pets?  Discover all this and more with First Pets from Uncle Goose.
  • 40 - 1.75 inch cubes
  • Made using sustainable Midwestern basswood
  • Printed with safe-to-touch inks
  • 100% made in the USA
  • Ages 2+