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If your name is Poe, Lazer, or Kofi: You’ll Love Uncle Goose Personalized Gifts!

If your name is Poe, Lazer, or Kofi: You’ll Love Uncle Goose Personalized Gifts!

Nichelle, a grandmother of two, lamented that she was never able to find personalized items with her name on them when she was growing up. Once, a friend bought her a coffee cup with “Michelle” on it. Her friend crossed out the “N” and scrawled in an “M.”

“It’s funny, but it’s not the same,” she said. “It’s only funny because it’s tacky!”

And when Kofi and Zev type their names into a word processor, they often get a red underline. The computer thinks they spelled their own names wrong!

Of course, the way they spell their names is not a typo. Their names are just a little uncommon.

Still, many word processors fail to recognize these names. And the gift and toy industry doesn’t exactly stockpile items with Josias, Caspian, and Ulla printed on them.

Uncle Goose Specialty Letter Blocks - Gray

While Birch, Linus, and Finnian may be growing in popularity as baby names, it can still be difficult to find customized toys and gifts for children with less-than-common names. But this is where your Uncle Goose can come to the rescue!

Uncle Goose Classic Letters and UG Specialty Letters let you spell names any way you want! The Uncle Goose Legacy ABC Blocks with Maple Box also lets you spell out a custom name or message any way you wish.

First and last names are popular customization choices. Imagine Octavian or Seviyan's pure joy at having their full names on display!

People with more common names like personalization, too. But people with uncommon names appreciate it even more! If you know someone with a beautiful and uncommon name, personalization is a gift choice that’s sure to be a hit with them.

And personalized gifts aren't just toys that will be quickly outgrown - they're treasured heirlooms celebrating a child's one-of-a-kind brilliance. Don't settle for the ordinary when your child is extraordinary. Give them the personalized present they deserve with Uncle Goose's specialty wooden toys. It's a gift as uncommon as they are!