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Help! Our Dog Destroyed One Third of the Solar System!

Help! Our Dog Destroyed One Third of the Solar System!

Imagine if Neptune, Saturn, and Jupiter were destroyed in under a minute. That would leave a pretty big hole in the solar system!

And that’s what happened to one forlorn Uncle Goose customer. Bongo the Labrador* got into a set of Planet Blocks and destroyed one third of the solar system within 60 seconds.

Oh, dear. It can happen so fast! 

Fortunately, Uncle Goose offers a Replacement Block program for just such an atrocity. You can order up to four replacement blocks per set.

Dog Destroyed Uncle Goose Block

In a separate incident, what was supposed to be a cute photo opportunity went awry. Gus the Old English Sheepdog ended up having his way with some Classic ABC Blocks.

It's not surprising. Over the years, your Uncle Goose has received many “blame the dog” emails for destroyed blocks.

Your dogs are adorable. And they clearly love our blocks.

But let Bongo and Gus serve as a cautionary tales: keep your blocks away from dogs. Do not trust them for one single second with your toys!

Dogs remain the number one destroyers of Uncle Goose blocks. It’s not just their teeth that chomp into the wood.

It’s the drool. It’s the moisture.

All that wetness is terrible for blocks. Moisture warps wood.

In fact, blocks don’t belong in anyone’s mouth, ever. Not a baby. Not an adult. And certainly not a dog!

Here’s four soft and fuzzy reminders:

  • Keep blocks out of anyone’s mouth. They are not teething toys.
  • Keep blocks out of the bath. They are not bath toys, either!
  • Don’t leave them outside. Rain, snow, and dew can damage blocks, like whoa.
  • And of course, keep blocks away from dogs.

Your dogs may beg. They may howl. But blocks are definitely not chew toys!

*Name changed to protect the guilty but lovable dog who left a gaping hole in the solar system.