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Uncle Goose Chips - Cryptid Case Files


Explore the unknown with the Cryptid Case Files! Discover 24 wooden chips featuring hand-drawn images and top-secret case files of mythical creatures like Sasquatch, Chupacabra, Mothman, and more. Display your favorite cryptids on the included stands. 

  • 24 - 3 x 1.75 inch wooden chips
  • Made using sustainable Midwestern basswood
  • Printed with safe-to-touch inks
  • Includes basswood tray & two display stands
  • 100% made in the USA
  • Ages 3+

Included Cryptids:

Bigfoot, Yeti, Jersey Devil, Wendigo, Nessie, Banshee, Mothman, Chupacabra, Djinn, Gnome, Mermaid, Taniwha, Troll, Vampire, Werewolf, Champy, Dogman, Death Worm, Jackalope, Wampus Cat, Thunderbird, Pukwudgie, Kraken and Frogman.