Uncle Goose ABC Blocks

Other than blocks, what else in your home is 1.75 inches?

A customer asked us “exactly how big is 1.75 inches????” This set us on a mission to find an object in our homes that is concrete, relatable, and 1.75 inches. We failed. Can you find something in your home that is 1.75 inches? 
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Uncle Goose Gift Wrap

Four New Custom Gift Wrap Options from Uncle Goose

Introducing 4 new custom gift wraps from Uncle Goose. Baby gift wrap, Mod gift wrap, Constellations gift wrap, and Alphabet Soup gift wrap. You also have 3 new card options: hello, welcome baby, and moon phase.
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Uncle Goose Lights, Camera, Action! ABC Blocks

New Toy! Featuring Fun for Film Fans!

Lights, Camera, Action! Our newest alphabet blocks feature film noir styling on woodgrain and black blocks. A new summer blockbuster! 
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Uncle Goose Flower Blocks

Who’s your muse? Where do you get your inspiration?

Create something wonderful. The work you do today may inspire someone else to build on your work.
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Uncle Goose Zero

How many different ways can you say ZERO?

Giving zero fun nicknames can help make it easier to learn. How many different ways can you say “zero?”
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Uncle Goose Women Who Dared Blocks

What do Women Who Dared and Bug Blocks Have in Common?

The Uncle Goose Women Who Dared Blocks feature 32 women in history. Our Bug Blocks showcase 28 different insects. What could these two block sets have in common?
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Uncle Goose Alphablanks Number Blocks

Reduce Math Anxiety by Playing with Blocks

Associate numbers with playtime and fun. This can develop math confidence and reduce math anxiety.
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Uncle Goose Sight Words Blocks

How to Turn a Fun Toy Into a Fun Game

You can turn any toy into a game. All you need to add is one magic ingredient.
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How to Unlock the Universal Secrets of Music with Chord Cubes

How to Unlock the Universal Secrets of Music with Chord Cubes

What's the difference between diamonds and circles on the chord diagrams on the Uncle Goose Chord Cubes? Hint: it unlocks the universal secret of music!
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Uncle Goose Sign Language Blocks

How Can I Fingerspell My Child’s Name?

At the Uncle Goose website, you can custom order the blocks you need to fingerspell or spell out any name. Here's how.
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Uncle Goose Baby Blocks

How Blocks Can Help Build Memories

Of course blocks can build “in the moment” fun. But they can also help build memories that last decades.
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Uncle Goose Dinosaur Blocks

New! What Scientists Have Found in the Middle of Dinosaurs and Fossils

Scientists have found the exact same thing at the center of both dinosaurs and fossils. Do you know what it is?
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