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Uncle Goose French Blocks

Build Bilingual Brains with Uncle Goose

Are you raising bilingual children? Well, let’s stack up the fun because learning multiple languages is a wonderful childhood challenge!

Build a House...and your Vocabulary!

Uncle Goose Language Blocks and Vocabulary Flashcards are little linguistic lifelines for multilingual families. Take our Spanish Vocabulary Flashcards, for example. You can start small with simple words like “la luna” (the moon) or “rojo” (red).

Uncle Goose Spanish Vocabulary Flashcards

The flashcards act as tiny teachers. They help children develop a vibrant and complex vocabulary. See the illustrations on each card? They help reinforce the connection between words and their meanings.

And of course, children always love to build structures with their wooden Vocabulary Flashcards. Perhaps a child will build la casa — or will they build la maison? Any way they say it, they’ll build a house as well as their vocabulary!

Uncle Goose Spanish Blocks

Interactive Play is Stealth Learning

For young children, interaction is crucial for learning language skills. So get involved in the language-learning fun!

Let’s say you’re building a block tower with your child. As you build your tower of Babbel, you can introduce new vocabulary in multiple languages.

You might say something like “Let’s put the ‘rojo’ block on top of the ‘amarillo’ block!” This simple activity is a multilingual language lesson in disguise! Your kids will be so busy having fun, they probably won’t even realize they’re learning. 

Play the Word Hunt Game

Ready for a block party? Here’s another popular language-learning game we like to call “Word Hunt.” First, scatter some blocks or flashcards around your play area. Then, challenge children to find blocks with specific letters or words in the target language.

You might say “Can you find the block that says cheval (horse) in French?” The Word Hunt game sharpens letter and word recognition while adding the excitement of discovery to the mix.

Uncle Goose French Blocks

Foster a Lifelong Love for Languages

When learning is fun, it sticks. With Uncle Goose Language Blocks and Vocabulary Flashcards, you’re building bridges between cultures and languages. Through play, children learn to develop a deep and lasting love for languages. This can make them global citizens before they can even spell “multilingual.”

With a little creativity and a whole lot of fun, you’ll be stacking up success in no time. Let’s build those bilingual brains!