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The Block Obstacle Course: Turn Cleanup into a Game!

Have you ever stepped on a block in the middle of the night? Oww! It hurts your sole, doesn't it? An errant block can bring even the mightiest parent to their knees!

The Block Obstacle Course: A Fun Solution

So why not turn cleanup time into a game? Try setting up a block obstacle course. Navigating obstacles fosters spatial awareness, observation, and motor skills. Plus, it can make tidying up a fun part of the game!

Uncle Goose To Tonet Number Blocks

Setting Up the Obstacle Course

First things first, you'll need a safe, open space. Then, use your Uncle Goose blocks to create an epic obstacle course. Line 'em up, stack 'em high, or cluster 'em together. Let children weave and wiggle their way through the course. Or maybe they'll want to use a push toy to navigate their way through the course! Beep-beep!

Car Push Toy

Creating Challenges

Spice things up with some obstacle course challenges. Spread your blocks out and count how many steps it takes to navigate from one to another. Or set up a slalom course that would make any skier jealous. You can even film your mini adventurers crawling through the course while blindfolded. Just remember, no peeking and no cheating!

Polish Blocks

Incorporating More Educational Elements

Turn up the learning with a twist! Place blocks with letters or numbers along the course and have your kiddos step over them while saying the letters, spelling words, or solving simple math problems aloud. They'll be so busy having fun that they won't even realize they're learning. Sneaky, right?

Uncle Goose Braille Math Blocks

Developing Spatial Awareness

Navigating an obstacle course helps little explorers develop spatial awareness. They'll learn to adjust their movements to avoid obstacles, making them less likely to trip or knock over blocks. Plus, it sets the stage for a heart-to-heart on why picking up blocks and putting them away is important.

Reindeer Blocks by Uncle Goose

Enhancing Observation and Decision-Making Skills

Keep those observation skills sharp! As children pay close attention to the arrangement of blocks, they'll learn to anticipate and plan their movements. This thoughtful decision-making process is a challenging mental workout. 

Uncle Goose Gosling Square Building Blocks

Improving Motor Skills

The block obstacle course is a playground for developing gross and fine motor skills, from balancing on one foot to crawling through tight spaces. Your kids will learn to navigate life's little hurdles with the grace of the muses and the strength of Heracles! 

Uncle Goose Greek Mythology Blocks

 The Importance of Cleanup: Make it a Game

It's time to rally the troops for a Cleanup Race when playtime is almost over. See who can gather the most toys and return them to their storage container the fastest. Or who can spell the most words as they put blocks in the tray. Teach children that playtime can be messy and weird, but putting toys away is part of the deal.

An obstacle course can be a win-win for both parents and children. Teaching children to clean up keeps your home tidy and instills lifelong habits of responsibility and care!