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Uncle Goose Birthday Blocks

Uncle Goose Celebrates 40 Years of Making Wooden Toys and Gifts

Educational. Eco-friendly. Endlessly entertaining. That’s the ethos of Uncle Goose Toys.

This year, we celebrate our big 4-0. That’s right: for 40 years, our family-owned company has been making the wooden toys and gifts you love.

For a lot of our customers, Uncle Goose toys are more than building materials. Our products also art pieces, puzzles, heirlooms, and conversation starters. You’ll find them in homes, schools, and nurseries.

You’ll also see our toys and gifts transform into coffee table, bookshelf, and mantle decor. Or desktop fidget toys. Or even set pieces in interior design layouts and your favorite TV shows!

Teachers and students. Collectors and casual fans. Designers and artists. Uncle Goose toys are an ideal gift for any child or adult who loves learning, playing, and beauty.

Uncle Goose Classic ABC Blocks with Wagon

William Bultman founded Uncle Goose in his Grand Rapids home workshop in 1983. That’s when he found out that no one in the US was making alphabet blocks anymore!

A father of two rambunctious boys, Bultman wanted to revive the tradition of wooden block making in the USA. He felt inspired to start by making our flagship product: Uncle Goose Classic ABC Blocks.

Bultman later expanded his offerings to include blocks with different languages, symbols, and themes. Today, Bultman’s son Pete runs the company. With Pete at the helm, Uncle Goose now offers over 70 sets of blocks that cater to a variety of interests and ages.

And beyond blocks, Uncle Goose also makes wooden push toys. And wooden modular art. And a new educational toy we call CHIPS.

Collective Nouns CHIPS

Even with all the new products, we’re still grounded our deep educational roots. We still make our Classic ABC Blocks today. And they remain mighty popular for a reason.

We design our Classic ABC Block set with intense attention to detail. The placement of our letters is informed by instructional design concepts like working memory and cognitive load. We respect object permanence and symbolic thinking

Aside from designing each block set, we also bring that attention to detail down to the block level. On its own, each block is a mini-masterpiece. It features beautiful illustrations, typography, and embossing.

Women Who Dared Block


Pick one up of our blocks. You’ll see and feel the care, love, and attention to detail in each and every one!

But Uncle Goose blocks are not just pretty to look at. They're also fun to play with.

You can stack them, fidget with them, and learn from them. And yes, you can sit back, relax, and just plain admire them!

(But while you’re admiring them, please don’t drool on our blocks! Water warps wood. Admire with your eyes and your hands, but not with your saliva!)

Gosling Square Blocks

You can explore different cultures and languages with blocks that feature Arabic, Chinese, Hebrew, Hindi, Korean, and 22 more languages. We bring the same loving attention and focus on details to all our blocks.

Spark your curiosity and creativity with toys, art, and gifts that feature

It’s been 40 wild years. Who knows: when the weather is nicer, we may even throw ourselves a block party!