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Meet our Newest Cubelings: Endangered Species!

Meet our Newest Cubelings: Endangered Species!

Animals! Papercraft environments! Wooden blocks!

You’re going to love our latest addition to the Uncle Goose Cubelings line of wooden toys. Cubelings Endangered Species features four endangered animals from four different environments. 

What are Cubelings Endangered Species?

Cubelings Endangered Species are four wooden blocks: a humpback whale, an orangutan, a white rhino, and a sea turtle. They come with four papercraft environments, too. You can have an adult cut them out with scissors. Fold the paper to create the animal’s habitat.

Cubelings are not only educational - they’re also eco-friendly and durable. They’re made from Midwestern basswood. They’re also sturdy and easy to hold, so they can withstand decades of play.

Four Fun Facts (and One Falsehood!) About Each Endangered Animal

Here are four fun facts (and one falsehood!) about each endangered animal in our the Cubelings Endangered Species set. Can you tell which fact about each animal is real and which is just a joke?


Cubelings Endangered Species


1. Orangutans are terrific at using tools. They can use sticks to get insects out of trees, leaves to wipe their noses, and stones to crack open nuts. They are so smart that it’s better to ask an orangutan to help you with your homework than it is to ask Google!

2. White rhinos aren’t really white. Their name comes from the Afrikaans word “weit”, which means “wide” and refers to their mouth. White rhinos have a wide mouth that helps them to eat gobs of grass. Their mouths are so wide, that when you cross a white rhino with a vampire, you get a fang-tastic smile!

3. Sea turtles breathe oxygen. But they can hold their breath underwater for as long as five hours! They can even sleep underwater by slowing their heart rate to one beat every 9 minutes. When divers find turtles asleep underwater, they call them “napping turtles!”

4. Humpback whales can sing. They make sounds that can last up to 20 minutes and repeat for hours. Scientists think humpback whales use these songs to communicate with each other and attract mates. But non-scientists think the only reason whales sing is because they can’t whistle, hum, and shake their hips!

Check out Cubelings: Endangered Species from Uncle Goose. They’re the thoughtful toy and decor for animal lovers and block enthusiasts of all ages. 

Cubelings Endangered Species

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