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State Chips by Uncle Goose

State Chips: The Creative and Colorful Way to Learn About US States

Quiz yourself on these seven state facts! Do you know:

  1. The state bird of Hawaii? It's the nene! It's pronounced nay-nay and it's a type of goose. Can you picture a goose wearing a lei and dancing the nae nae?

  2. The motto of Maine? It's Dirigo! It means "I lead" in Latin. Since Maine is the first state to greet the sunrise every day, it makes sense!

  3. The name of a state capital that is only accessible by boat or plane? Try Juneau, Alaska! There are no roads connecting Juneau to the rest of the state!

  4. The postal abbreviation for Ohio? It's OH! If you didn’t know, you might be surprised, so you can say the state’s postal abbreviation out loud! OH! 

  5. Which state is shaped like a mitten? It's the Lower Peninsula of Michigan! People from Michigan will often use their hand to show you where they live! 

  6. Which state has the nickname the Badger State? It's Wisconsin! It pays homage to Wisconsin's early lead miners, who were tough and fierce. Plus, they lived underground: just like real badgers! 

  7. The first state to join the union? Delaware! It joined on December 7, 1787. It's also one of two states to have a type of chicken as its state bird! 

Wow! There’s a lot you can learn about US states. Birds. Mottos. Capitals. Postal code abbreviations. Shapes. Order of entry. Nicknames! It’s a lot!

At last, your Uncle Goose has a toy that can help you study the US states in a colorful and creative way. Introducing State Chips: a set of 50 basswood flash cards that feature information and illustrations about each state.

State Chips

State Chips are basswood chips that measure 1.75 inches by 3 inches. They are made of Midwestern basswood recycled from our block making process.

One side of each chip features the state name, motto, and nickname. You'll also see an illustration of the state's bird.

On the reverse side, you'll find the state capital, postal abbreviation, date established, and order of entry. You'll also see a map illustration of the state.

Quiz your friends and family on their state knowledge. Try putting your State Chips in alphabetical order or by order of entry. Or sort them by bird! Or length of motto! Or anything you wish.

And of course, you can build and stack State Chips. Imagine creating a road of states that stretch from coast to coast. Can you build a triangle house of states from north to south and east to west?

Maybe you’ll use State Chips to build structures like towers, bridges, castles, and roads. Or to create mazes, marble runs, and domino-effect falls. It's totally up to you and your imagination.

State Chips

State Chips are terrific for play: delightful to display. They come with two individual display stands that let you show off your favorite states.

Great for both building AND studying! You'll be amazed at how much fun learning can be!