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Blast off with our new Solar System Blocks!

Blast off with our new Solar System Blocks!

How far is the sun from the earth? 🌞
What are the 3 parts of a comet? 🌠
Where is the asteroid belt located? 🌑
What 3 factors define a dwarf planet? 💫

Find out all this and more with the latest STEM toy from Uncle Goose, our new Solar System Blocks!

This toy includes four basswood blocks. They showcase four space sensations from our own solar system: asteroid, comet, dwarf planet, and sun.

Each block has two sides with the name, symbol, and illustration of the space sensation. And that’s not all. The other four sides have fun facts about each object.

solar system blocks by uncle goose

You can even see and feel the asteroid belt! We debossed the entire asteroid belt on one side of one of the blocks. It looks and feels pretty cool!

The sun block isn’t cool, though. It’s hot yellow!

And then the comet is downright cold. It’s like a giant snowball made of ice.

What about the dwarf planet? It is just its own little world, isn't it?

The Solar System Blocks are ideal for children who love to boldly explore and learn new things. It’s also great for adults who want to refresh their STEM knowledge and impress their friends. 

You can play with the blocks in oh, so many ways:

The Solar System Block Set is available now. Get ready to have fun exploring outer space!