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Uncle Goose Classic ABC Blocks

Why is Easter on a different date every year?

In 2023, Easter is on April 9. Last year, it was on April 17. Next year, Easter will be on March 31.

What’s going on? Why is Easter on a different date every year?

We calculate the date for Easter based on the lunar calendar. We celebrate Easter on the first Sunday following the first full moon after the spring equinox. And if the first full moon falls on a Sunday, we celebrate Easter on the following Sunday.

This means that Easter will always be on a Sunday. And it will always be during spring.

The spring equinox is also called the vernal equinox. It usually falls around March 20. For purposes of calculation, we pick the date March 21.

Because we calculate Easter using the moon, Uncle Goose Moon Phase Blocks might be a great gift to add to a smart child’s Easter Basket!

Moon Phase Blocks

Another way to discuss dates and seasons is with the Uncle Goose Perpetual Calendar blocks. Is there a bunny on one of the blocks? Of course there is! 

Perpetual Calendar

For a more customized approach to Easter baskets, you can spell out a child’s name with UG Specialty Letters or Uncle Goose Classic Letters.

Classic Letters UG

Chicks and bunnies are often associated with Easter because they represent the new life of the springtime season. Uncle Goose Cubelings Farm Blocks feature a chick. The Cubelings Pet Blocks have a bunny.

Chick Cubeling Block

In spring, we also see more flowers and birds. Uncle Goose Flower Blocks blossom in spring. And our Bird Blocks fill the springtime bill! 

Flower Blocks

And of course, you’ll want to decorate for the season. Uncle Goose Happy Easter Blocks are a favorite.

Happy Easter Blocks Uncle Goose

Happy Easter, indeed!