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Uncle Goose Classic ABC Blocks

Five Things You Should Never Do With Uncle Goose Blocks

Block play is a wonderful way to have fun while learning. Think of all the playful yet educational things you can do with your Uncle Goose blocks! You can build, sort, stack, count, spell, share, and more - the list of learning and play activities are endless!

But here are 5 things you should never do with your Uncle Goose blocks. Believe it or not, these are practices that people often attempt. It seldom ends well.

1. Don’t give Uncle Goose block to your dog
Dogs love destroying Uncle Goose blocks! Over half of our replacement blocks requests are due to a dog gnawing a block to bits. You can always order up to four replacement blocks per set, but avoid the hassle. Keep your blocks away from dogs. Blocks are a bad choice for a chew toy. 

dog block by Uncle Goose

2. Don’t leave Uncle Goose blocks on the floor
Uncle Goose blocks are beautiful. So why not leave them laying around? Well, blocks are no fun to step on! You can trip and fall, or even let out a stream of foul language. If you’d like a special place to put your blocks, consider our 32 block wagon or our 28 block wagon. Our handsome Upscale Orange Box also makes a dandy storage option. 

32 block wagon
3. Don’t use Uncle Goose Blocks as teething toys
Keep Uncle Goose blocks out of your mouth. They aren’t teething toys. Our soft basswood blocks don’t hold up well to drool and tooth marks. Since babies like to put things in their mouths, this is one big reason we put “Ages 2 and up” on most of our toys.

Ocean Cubelings

4. Don’t take Uncle Goose Blocks into the bath
Sure, Uncle Goose Blocks float. They’re made of wood! But water warps wood. Keep your wood toys clean and dry. You can clean your blocks lightly with a damp cloth and mild detergent, but avoid getting the embossed sides wet. Moisture is more likely to cling to the crevices, making them more susceptible to damage.

Nautical blogs with canvas bag

5. Don’t use Uncle Goose blocks as weapons
Funny story: an angry father falsely insisted our blocks were dangerous. Why? He claimed his child threw a block at him and it hurt! However, the same can be said for any small household object. Your phone, a candle, a fork — if you throw an object at someone with force — it’s going to hurt. Our advice? Don’t do that. 

Take good care of your Uncle Goose toys. Don’t give them to the dog: they aren’t chew toys. Put them away when you aren’t playing with them: they’re no fun to step on. Keep them out of your mouth and away from water. Don’t fling them at people or pets. Play nice!

Your Uncle Goose toys will last generations.