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Uncle Goose Environments School Blocks

Explore 6 Environments with 6 New Toys from Uncle Goose

Desert. Garden. Neighborhood. School. Space. Swamp!

Introducing the brand-new Environments line of wooden block toys from Uncle Goose! These colorful six-piece wooden block sets feature six different environments to explore.

And the best part? They're not just for children. Adults can join in on the fun too! So, let's take a closer look at each Environments block set.

1. Desert Blocks

Desert Blocks Environments

Desert Blocks 🌵 Feeling the heat? You must be in the desert, baby! You'll hike in the mountains, play with two armadillos, and count six sweltering sunbursts. Just be careful not to sit on those prickly cacti! Oh, and don't forget about the 18-inch ruler included in the set. It's more than just a puzzle - it's a work of art.

2. Garden Blocks

Garden Blocks

Garden Blocks 🌺 Get ready for a floral frenzy with the Garden set! Build your own garden scene with six blocks featuring tulips, colorful flowers, caterpillars, and even a butterfly. Can you count all the petals? And don't forget to measure the inchworm with the ruler. Like the other sets, this one is more than just a toy - it's a beautiful puzzle too.

3. Neighborhood Blocks

Neighborhood Blocks

Neighborhood Blocks 🏡 Take a stroll through the Neighborhood wooden block set and count six houses. Watch as the weather changes with rain, clouds, sun, and moon. And don't forget to put the weiner dog puzzle together and measure with the ruler. This set is not only fun for play, but also makes for a beautiful display.

4. School Blocks

School Blocks

School Blocks 🚌 Get on board with the School block set! Take the big yellow bus, learn cursive, and see colored pencils in action. Count to six and give your teacher an apple (with or without a worm). And, of course, you can even measure with the included ruler. Who knew learning could be so fun?

5. Space Blocks

space blocks

Space Blocks 🚀 Blast off into space with the Space set! Build your rocket ship, study the control panel, and land on another planet. Who knows what you'll discover out there in the great unknown? And don't forget to count down from six before takeoff. As with the other sets, this one also features a decorative puzzle with a ruler.

6. Swamp Blocks

swamp blocks

Swamp Blocks 🐊 Last but not least, hop into a swampy adventure with the Swamp Environment set. Build your own swamp scene with blocks featuring an alligator and three frogs. Count six lily pads and use the ruler to measure the alligator's tail. This set is more than just a puzzle - it's "wetland-tastic!"

Oh, the places you’ll go with the Environments wooden block toy sets from Uncle Goose! Enjoy your explorations!