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Uncle Goose Gosling Square Blocks

May the Fun Begin: 7 Playful Learning Activities for a Bloomin' Good Time!

May is here, and it's time to celebrate the arrival of spring (or autumn, if you're in the southern hemisphere). If you’re a kid or a kid-at-heart, there are plenty of reasons to get excited about this month.

Here are seven playful facts about May that inspire learning, creativity, and curiosity.

1. Short & Sweet: May's Three-Letter Name

Uncle Goose Classic ABC Blocks

With only three letters, May is the month with the shortest name. But that doesn't mean it's lacking in fun. Did you know that you can spell "YAM" or "AMY" with the letters in "May"? It also spells "YMA" – it stands for "Your Mom's Awesome!” What other funny acronyms can you make with the letters M-A-Y?

2. May is One-of-a-Kind: Discover this one Weird Date/Day Fact

Uncle Goose Perpetual Calendar

Did you know that May never shares its start and end day with any other month during the year? It's true! In 2023, May begins on a Monday and ends on a Wednesday. No other month this year will do that. Grab a calendar and see for yourself!

3. Rhyme Time: May Has the Most Rhyming Words of any Month

Uncle Goose Sight Words Blocks

With its short name and long A sound, May is a month ripe for rhyming. Think of all the words that rhyme with it – today, neigh, and hip-hip-hooray! So hey, hey, hey — why not challenge yourself to write a rhyming poem about the month of May?

4. Flowers in Bloom: Celebrate Springtime

May is when the northern hemisphere is in full bloom, with flowers like the lily of the valley, lilac, and tulip. So why not make a beautiful bouquet of flowers for your mom, just in time for Mother's Day? Remember, we celebrate that holiday on the second Sunday in May! 

5. Home Sweet Home: May is a Moving Month

Gosling Square Blocks Uncle Goose

More people in the US move into a new home than in any other month of the year. Whether it's to avoid pollen season or just to start fresh, it's a popular time to make a change. Why not use a set of toy blocks to build your new dream home?

6. Mythology: Learn Something Old

Greek Mythology Blocks

May is named after the Roman goddess Maia, who represents spring and growth. She's also the mother of Hermes, the messenger god who wears a winged helmet. That makes May a great time to send messages! Write a letter to a friend. Or try writing a blog post like this one!

7. Baby Animals: May is Their Month

And speaking of babies like Hermes, May is when many animals are born. Do you know that baby animals have special names? You probably know that a baby dog is a puppy, and a baby cat is a kitten. But do you know what baby alligators, owls, or whales are called? It’s time to find out!

You have 31 days of fun and learning opportunities in May. Discover new rhymes. Build your dream home. Or go outside and play among the flowers!

There's something for everyone to enjoy. So go ahead and explore the wonders of this merry, merry month – you never know what you might discover!