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Knock on Wood: the Uncle Goose Guide to Good Luck!

If we were to say that things have been going pretty well here at Uncle Goose, we might say "Knock on wood" right afterward. Then, we'd rap our knuckles on one of our wooden toys!

It's a funny little superstition, isn't it? People sometimes say, "Knock on wood," right after making a positive statement. By knocking on wood, we're taking out some form of superstitious insurance against bad luck!

No one knows where this practice of "knocking on wood" came from, either. It's as mysterious as why kids eat glue. But the superstition of "knocking on wood" dates back to ancient cultures that revered trees. Our ancestors have long associated trees with various spirits or gods. 

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Throughout history, people have
 carved wooden talismans and amulets to ward off evil spirits or to bring good fortune. Ancient Egyptians and Vikings believed wooden charms possessed mystical properties that could protect their owners from harm. And early Christians would touch wooden crosses for protection.

In Celtic folklore, the oak symbolized strength, wisdom, and protection. Knocking on the trunk of an oak could awaken its spirit and grant blessings. 


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Japanese tradition teaches us to treat trees with respect and reverence. In Japanese folklore, the forest is alive with mystical creatures called Kodama, or tree spirits. The Kodama inhabit the trees, whispering the forest's secrets to those who listen closely. 

Meanwhile, Norse mythology includes the legend of the Yggdrasil. Yggdrasil is an immense and sacred ash tree central to the cosmos. Yggdrasil's branches stretch far into the heavens, embodying the connection between all things in the universe. 



Of course, wood plays a central role in myths and legends throughout history. We hear tales of hidden forest kingdoms and magic wands crafted from elderwood. Gnomes, Pukwudgies, and Bigfoot also frolic through forests. 

So, the next time you feel lucky, knock on one of our toys. Who knows? It might just be your wooden ticket to leading a charmed life!

Or, at the very least, it'll make a great story when someone asks why you're tapping on a toy truck. You can tell them you're summoning a Pukwudgie! 

Do you feel lucky? We do! Knock on wood, indeed!