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Uncle Goose Nautical Blocks

No Letter Left Behind! Why There's No Shrinkflation at Uncle Goose!

Let's say it's a hot summer day, and you go to buy some ice cream. It's the same price, but the carton is smaller. 

Gahh! Shrinkflation!

Shrinkflation is that sneaky little gremlin nibbling away at our ice cream cartons, leaving us chilly with disappointment. And even though shrinkflation is a growing trend, your Uncle Goose can't participate. 

That's right. It seems like everyone else is shrinkflating their product offerings, but your Uncle Goose can't. We're all about giving you the full scoop!

After all, we're in the business of building – building blocks, building minds, and building trust. And let's face it, size does matter. Especially when it comes to our Classic ABC Blocks. We can't just go lopping off letters like a bad haircut. 

Imagine the chaos! "Sorry, kids, there's no 'Z' for you today; it was just too edgy." 

Classic ABC Blocks

And shrink our blocks? Perish the thought! We wouldn't want to turn playtime into a high-stakes game of "Will it fit in my mouth?" 

Making smaller blocks is a definite no-no. "Choking Hazard" is a game no one wins. So, we're sticking to our block size like glue. But not the kind you sniffed in high school.

Uncle Goose Basswood

Size matters, and so does hardwood. Our blocks are like the mighty basswood tree they came from – robust, reliable, and not getting any lighter. Lumber prices are soaring, but our commitment to quality is unwavering. We're not cutting corners unless it's to make our blocks square. 

So, while everything else might be shrinking, Uncle Goose's dedication only grows. We're here to ensure that when life gives you lemons, you get to build a lemonade stand – with all 26 letters and then some.

Because in this world of less, we believe in more. More laughs, more learning, and definitely more block for your buck.

While shrinkflation makes everything else look like it's on Ozempic, Uncle Goose is serving up a feast of full-sized, full-bodied, and full-hearted fun. So come join our block party, where the only thing small is the chance of you leaving without a smile. 

We're building a bigger, better world at Uncle Goose, one block at a time. And that, dear readers, is no small feat.