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Uncle Goose Herbs Chips

You're Never Too Old To Play and Learn with Uncle Goose!

Uncle Goose is renowned for our Classic ABC Blocks and other wooden educational toys. But our toys are not just for kids!

Did you know we also cater to adults? Our diverse product lineup is designed to suit a wide range of ages and settings.

Envision the elegance of your home entertainment area adorned with our Lights, Camera, Action Blocks or our State of Sound Blocks. It's a testament to your refined taste and a sophisticated addition to your decor.

Uncle Goose State of Sound Blocks

You'll find sailors and sun worshippers decorating — and learning — with Uncle Goose Nautical Blocks. That's because these blocks look completely at home at the beach house and the yacht club. Beachy keen!

Scientists show off their colorful Uncle Goose Elemental Blocks in the lab and the classroom. Astronomers and new-age mystics are fans of Moon Phase Blocks, Planet Blocks, Space Environments Blocks, Constellation Blocks, and Solar System Blocks. But then again, who isn’t?

Uncle Goose Planet Tiles

The Planet and Constellation blocks inspired modular artwork: Uncle Goose Planet Tiles and Constellation Tiles. The new-age crowd also has a special fondness for learning and decorating with Zodiac Blocks.

Do you have a room with a Southwestern theme? Check out the Uncle Goose Deserts Environment! You can put together a sun-baked desert scene, craft armadillos, or even show off a range of cacti!

Desert Environments Blocks

Need a little more green in your life? No problem! Create different looks with Swamp Environments and Garden Environments Blocks. Or, if you're feeling blue, go for Ocean Environments.

Of course, you can decorate for each season. The entire line of Christmas and Halloween decorations have become family traditions. We also offer Birthday, Easter, Hanukkah, and Valentine decorations!

Your love for Uncle Goose never fades, does it? Our wooden blocks are crafted to last for generations, a testament to their durability. Even when not in use, their timeless design adds a touch of elegance to your decor, making them more than just playthings.

How else do you use your Uncle Goose blocks to make your work, play, and living spaces more beautiful and joyful?