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Uncle Goose Alphablank Blocks

Baby Shower Fun With Alphablanks!

Picture it: you're at a baby shower, surrounded by excited chatter and anticipation for the baby-to-be. You see piles of pastel onesies and tiny booties everywhere!

But wait, what's that? A crate of unpainted wooden blocks is stealing the show!

That's because adults can get pretty creative with Uncle Goose Alphablank Blocks with Crate at baby showers! The Alphablank Blocks with Crate have become a must-have gift and game for these joyous occasions. Packed with 64 uppercase and lowercase Alphablank blocks, this basswood crate is not your typical baby shower gift.

Alphablank blocks and the crate are 100% made with love in the USA. Because they are both unpainted, adult partygoers have a marvelous opportunity to express their creativity!


As the mom-to-be and her guests gather around the crate, they take turns picking out a block. With markers or paint pens, they decorate their chosen block with messages of love, well wishes, and even silly doodles. From colorful designs to heartfelt messages, each block becomes a unique piece of art, created with love and laughter.

And once the Alphablank blocks and crate are decorated, the party games can begin! With two complete alphabets and extra blocks in each set, there's more than enough to go around.

Three baby shower games include:

1. Alphabet Block Match Up. Pair up guests and challenge them to find matching letters from a mixed pile of blocks within a time limit. Who will be the block boss?

2. Build The Word. Have guests use the blocks to spell out baby-related words. The team with the most words wins. Does "doody" count as a word? Let the mom-to-be judge!

3. Creative Construction. Compete to build the tallest tower using the Alphablank blocks before the timer runs out. Which team will create the tallest structure?

Of course, the decorated Alphablank Blocks with Crate will soon become treasured toys for the toddler-to-come. But until that day arrives, the blocks are there to help create a one-of-a-kind gift. The party games and decorating fun help adults share stories while building lasting memories!

The next time you're planning a baby shower or attending one, bring a crate of Alphablank Blocks and have some fun! It's not just party time—it's playtime!