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Uncle Goose Chips - Forest Tales

Storytellers Will Love Our Latest Product: Forest Tales 

Daphne the Deer, Burp the Bear, and Flash the Fox are three forest friends. Will the trio embark on a delightful picnic laden with berries and honey? Or will they dodge foul smells and buzzing bees? 

The choice is yours. Every chip in our newest toy helps children craft their own narratives. 

We call this new toy "Storyboards: Forest Tales!" It's a captivating new addition to imaginative, open-ended play. 

Storyboards: Forest Tales by Uncle Goose

Storyboards: Forest Tales are 32 rectangular wooden chips. You'll see words, phrases, and storybook-inspired illustrations on both sides of each chip. Line them up, one after another, and voila! You're constructing sentences and creating stories! 

Designed for young adventurers, Forest Tales transcends the boundaries of ordinary storytelling. As children piece together narratives, their storytelling skills blossom. Language development soars to new heights as children string sentences and phrases together. Moreover, the fine motor skills required to arrange these charming chips enhance cognitive growth. 

Uncle Goose Storyboards: Forest Tales

And we have to mention the giggling. Children feel a delightful sense of accomplishment when they make up their own silly sentences and stories. It's hard not to burst out in laughter and giggles! 

As always, Uncle Goose chips are 100% Made in the USA from sustainably sourced Midwestern basswood. And we print Storyboards: Forest Tales with child-safe inks. 

Get ready to create your own adventures with Daphne the Deer, Burp the Bear, and Flash the Fox! What will you make the three forest friends do? Go wild with creativity!