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Uncle Goose Eerie Estates

Decorate for Halloween with 5 Uncle Goose Products!

It's the season of pumpkin patches and costume parades! Why not transform your home and office into a haunted wonderland?

These 5 Uncle Goose products are ideal for October play and decor.

1. Happy Halloween Blocks

Happy Halloween Blocks

Fourteen rectangular blocks spell out the magic words HAPPY HALLOWEEN. The orange and black color palette, along with debossed bats, adds a spooky yet friendly touch. And did you know? You can press the bat side into modeling clay and stretch it to make those bats look even creepier—Halloween magic at your fingertips!

2. Groovy Ghoulie Blocks


Eek! Freak out with Uncle Goose Groovy Ghoulie Blocks. This 26-piece set puts Halloween smack dab in your hands. You'll see ghosts, bats, cats, pumpkins, tombstones, skeletons, tentacles, eyeballs, and more! It's Ghoul O'Clock all day and all night with these whimsical little freaks!

3. Eerie Estates: A Limited Edition Haunt



Crafted from hard maple, these four rectangular planks reveal haunted houses, dancing skeletons, flying ghosts, fluttering bats, and grinning jack-o'lanterns. But here's the actual twist: flip them over. The blocks spell out "BOO!"—with an exclamation point!

4. Creature Feature Blocks



This 9-block set is a monster mashup. It features nine creatures that lurk deep within your subconscious mind. Why not encourage your little ones to name their nine new spooky friends? You can also use the blocks to spell "CREATURE!"

5. Halloween Environments Blocks



This 6-block set brings the magic of Halloween inside. You'll play with jack-o'lanterns, ghosts, haunted houses, staring eyeballs, monsters, mummies, and more. Debossed dancing skeletons add a tactile thrill to the fun.

Cast your spells. Wear your costumes. And let your Halloween adventures begin!