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Uncle Goose Groovy Ghoulie Blocks

How Lucky (or Unlucky) are Black Cats?

There's an old saying here in America that bad luck is coming if a black cat crosses your path. But in some cultures, black cats are considered lucky.

For example, a black cat crossing your path in Japan, Scotland, and England is a sign of good fortune. In ancient Egypt, black cats were worshipped as sacred animals.

So where did Americans — and some Europeans — get the notion that black cats bring lousy luck? It's hard to say! The legends about black cats being evil are ancient.

Black Cat Block on Creature Feature

The cat's reputation as unlucky got worse in the 1200's. That's when Pope Gregory IX declared that black cats were an incarnation of Satan. People believed him and went so far as to kill the poor animals.

Further, black cats have long been associated as companions of witches. And in colonial America, there was a rampant fear of witches! By the time of the Salem witch trials in the 1600s, people were convinced that black cats were evil and unlucky.

Sadly, the superstition about black cats being evil still persists. Black cats even have more difficulty getting adopted at shelters than other cats.

groovie ghoulies

But we don't think black cats are unlucky here at Uncle Goose! We like them and have gone so far as to feature black cats in two of our block sets. You'll find a black cat in our Creature Feature blocks. And you'll find a few black beauties on our Groovy Ghoulies!

So, don't be afraid or superstitious next time you see a black cat. Instead, give them a smile and a tummy rub!

Maybe even adopt one, if you can. You'll find that black cats make good friends! And isn't it lucky to have a good friend by your side?