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Uncle Goose Environments, Nutcracker Blocks

Christmas Dreams Come True with Our New Nutcracker Blocks!

The Nutcracker is a famous Christmas ballet by Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky. And now, you can play with your favorite Nutcracker characters and themes with the new Uncle Goose Nutcracker Blocks!

This six-piece wooden block set is a holiday treasure. You can play and build with the blocks. And they also serve as dreamy Christmas decor and a puzzle!

Nutcracker Blocks

You can use the blocks to illustrate the tale of the Nutcracker. The story begins with a young girl named Clara and her brother Fritz celebrating Christmas Eve with their family and friends.

Their godfather arrives with gifts, including a Nutcracker for Clara. Fritz breaks the Nutcracker, and their godfather fixes it with a handkerchief.

Later, Clara falls asleep under the Christmas tree with the Nutcracker in her arms. But then, Clara wakes up at midnight to see the toys and the tree come to life!

Nutcracker Blocks Christmas Tree

The Nutcracker leads his army of toy solidiers against a horde of mice led by the Mouse King! Clara helps the Nutcracker win the battle by throwing her slipper at the Mouse King.

After winning the war, the Nutcracker transforms into a handsome prince. He takes Clara on a sleigh ride through a snowy forest. Snowflakes dance all around them.

Nutcracker Blocks

Clara and the prince arrive at the candy castle ruled by the Sugar Plum Fairy. She invites Clara and the Nutcracker to watch a series of dances performed by various sweets from different countries. The Sugar Plum Fairy and her Cavalier even dance for Clara and the prince!

Later, Clara wakes up under the tree again, still holding her beloved Nutcracker. Was it all a dream? Or was it real?

Nutcracker Blocks

Uncle Goose Nutcracker Blocks are a Christmas dream brought to life! You'll see the mantle clock set at midnight. You can piece together the trimmed Christmas tree. Dance with Clara and the Nutcracker; Cavaliers and Sugarplum Fairies. And yes, you'll even see the treacherous Mouse King!

This six-piece wooden block set is for play, puzzling, and passing on as a family heirloom. Be sure to surround your Nutcracker Blocks with candy, music, friends, and family! That way, you'll keep the Nutcracker spirit alive during the holidays!