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Uncle Goose Cryptid Case Files

Mystery, Monsters, and Mayhem! Introducing Cryptid Case Files

Cryptids are the stuff of legends. They are mysterious creatures that some people claim to have seen, but others doubt exist.

We all have our favorite cryptids. Here in Michigan, we’ve captured a Dogman. On the East Coast, residents are partial to the Jersey Devil. Way out west, Bigfoot is still at large. And, of course, jackalopes are still running amok on the Great Plains.

And while we have no proof that cryptids are real, we have nonetheless captured them — on wood! Introducing Cryptic Case Files, the toy that lets you see and learn about 24 different cryptids from around the world.

Cryptid Case Files

Learn about the Taniwha, the Kraken, the Chupacabra, the Pukwudgie, and more!

Each chip features a hand-drawn image of a cryptid on one side and its official Department of (Redacted) case file on the other. You can find out each cryptid's name, species, status, height, weight, aliases, and special features.

But don't be fooled by appearances! For us, these cryptids were really hard to draw. We had to rely on blurry photos, sketchy sketches, and unreliable witnesses to make this fascinating product.

Cryptid Case Files

The Research Process on Cryptid Sightings Was Grueling!

We interviewed hundreds of eyewitnesses who claimed to have seen these cryptids in person. Some of them seemed suspicious, like the guy who said he saw a vampire wearing sunglasses and a Hawaiian shirt. 

The late Warren Zevon sang that he saw a werewolf in London. He claimed the werewolf was drinking a piña colada at Trader Vic's. (And his hair was perfect!)

Other witnesses were vague, like the lady who said she saw a Mothman that looked like "a big fuzzy thing with wings." What are we supposed to do with that lack of specificity?

And some descriptions were just plain maddening, like the kid who said he saw a Dogman that was half-Great Dane and half-Chihuahua. As you might imagine, it took us quite a bit of time and effort to draw these cryptids as accurately as possible!

cryptid case files

Learn and Laugh with Cryptid Legends!

Go ahead and laugh at how silly they all look! Then, imagine what they would do if cryptids were real.

You can even display your favorite cryptid on the included stands and store your cryptid case files in the basswood tray. If you love mysteries, monsters, and humor: you’ll love Cryptid Case Files!