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Uncle Goose Classic ABC Blocks

ABC Blocks: They’re Not Always About Learning the Alphabet!

Occasionally, we’ll get an email from a parent who seems puzzled or upset that their child isn’t using their Uncle Goose Classic ABC blocks as expected. A parent might envision how their child “should” use the blocks. But then, hang it, the child defies expectations and does something completely different! 

For example, a parent might imagine sitting with their children and teaching them the alphabet. But after fifteen seconds, one child uses the blocks as pretend food and serves them to their stuffed animals. The other uses them as musical instruments and bangs them on the floor. 

It happens all the time. And there’s no need to get rattled. Instead, your child is giving you important information about who they are. This is more of a “proud parenting moment” than a “worrisome episode of deviant behavior!”

Uncle Goose Classic ABC Blocks

It’s the rare toddler who will diligently follow a parent’s lesson plan for an hour. And even that child won’t immediately begin spelling out words like “cat,” “dog,” or “antidisestablishmentarianism” right away.

Instead, a child will show you where their natural inclinations lie. You can learn more about a child’s interests by observing what they do with their blocks. Join in their fun when you can: intervene if the play gets too rough or inappropriate. 

And to be fair, not much is inappropriate regarding block play! For example, we’re not fans of using blocks as projectiles to test the laws of physics. That’s what balls are for. 

(Someone or something will probably get hurt if a child throws a block. You’ll want to caution your child against using blocks as missiles!)

Uncle Goose Classic ABC Blocks

We also know a child who likes hiding her blocks in random places. Then, she forgets where she put them. 

On one level, we’re happy she’s created a scavenger hunt for herself and others. Hide and seek is fun! On another level, finding a block under the couch cushion can be a bit exasperating just when you’re ready to sit down at the end of a long day! 

Just about everything else is fair play when it comes to blocks:

  1. Stack them up.
  2. Knock them down.
  3. Pretend to feed them to your teddy bear.
  4. Use them to build a circle, square, or smiley face.
  5. Sort them.
  6. Count them.
  7. Name the animals and letters.
  8. Bang them together as a rhythm instrument.
  9. And of course, put them away when you’re done playing!

Children will do amazing things with their Uncle Goose Classic ABC Blocks. They will often surprise you and defy your expectations. Count on it.