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Uncle Goose Perpetual Block Calendar

Leap Into the New Year with Uncle Goose Calendar Sets!

As we bid adieu to 2023, it's time to mark our calendars – literally! But did you know that January 1, 2024, will usher in a new LEAP year?

Oooh! How exciting! A whole extra day of adventure, play, and possibilities!

Speaking of extra-special things, have you checked out our two delightful calendar products yet? They're wonderful companions for welcoming in the upcoming leap year.


Uncle Goose Perpetual Block Calendar


1. Perpetual Block Calendar
A Smart Set for Bright Minds

Imagine a calendar that's not just a calendar but a source of learning and creativity! Our Perpetual Block Calendar is a set of 7 basswood blocks that double up as a calendar while teaching children about months, dates, seasons, weather, and numbers.

These versatile blocks let you twist and turn them into any calendar date. Use your imagination while decorating your days with the weather and holiday blocks. Featuring a gray sans-serif font, these blocks ingeniously transform the number 6 into a number 9… and vice versa!

What a sensational stocking stuffer! Great for home and office decor!

2. Create a Calendar
Your Personalized Timekeeper


Uncle Goose Chips Create Calendar


Our Create a Calendar set is a colorful 53-piece extravaganza! This set includes 6 rectangular chips displaying months on opposing sides and 32 square chips with numbers 0-31 for personalized calendar creation.

But wait, there's more fun packed in! You'll find 5 rectangular and 10 square chips with vibrant seasonal illustrations. You can lay out and decorate an entire month with all those options! It's a fantastic way to learn about months, days, and seasons while nurturing creativity through imaginative play.

Terrific decor for every season of the year! 

Dad Joke of the Day:

Why did the calendar go to therapy? Because it felt like its days were numbered!

We're looking forward to the upcoming LEAP year. And with Uncle Goose calendar sets, you can turn every day into an opportunity for learning and fun!