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Uncle Goose 2023 - Thats a Wrap

2023, Wrapped: Uncle Goose released 36 new products!

In 2023, your Uncle Goose celebrated the Year of the Rabbit by bouncing off the walls with creativity and innovation. We introduced a record-breaking 36 new products!

Let's take a look back at all the new blocks and gifts we created in 2023:

Constellation Tiles


Constellation Tile by Uncle Goose


Our first offering of the year was our Constellation Tiles. We released all 12 zodiac constellations all at once. Each solid basswood tile features a zodiac constellation on a dark purple background. Some folks snapped up all 12, while others went for a few cherished constellations to hang on their walls.

Solar System


4 solar system blocks by uncle goose


In March, we blasted off with our Solar System Blocks. Fans of our Planet Blocks and Moon Phase Blocks had long been clamoring for something sun-related. So we created a four-piece companion set featuring space sensations from our solar system: asteroid, comet, dwarf planet, and sun. This set proved to be a popular stocking stuffer for STEM enthusiasts.

United States Chips


United States Chips by Uncle Goose


Your Uncle Goose released a product that can help you study facts about the US states colorfully and creatively. United State Chips include 50 basswood flashcards that feature information and illustrations about each state. This rugged set often lives in elementary classrooms. It's also popular for home study and play.

Cubelings Endangered Species

Cubelings Endangered Species Blocks with Papercraft Environments

Cubelings Endangered Species
are four wooden blocks: a humpback whale, an orangutan, a white rhino, and a sea turtle. The set comes with four papercraft environments, too. You can have an adult cut them out with scissors. Fold the paper to create the animal's habitat.

Environments Blocks

Desert Environments Blocks by Uncle Goose

Your Uncle Goose introduced a brand-new line of blocks this year called Environments. These colorful six-piece wooden block sets feature eight different environments to explore. We started with six environments: Desert, Garden, Neighborhood, School, Space, and Swamp. Toward the end of the year, we introduced Halloween and Nutcracker Environments. These sets are not only puzzles and building blocks; they also serve as charming mid-century home decor!

Shapes Rollers


Shapes Rollers


Shapes Rollers are six wooden friends with unique shapes, colors, and funny faces. And, of course, each shape rolls on four wooden wheels. We released Circle, Oval, Rectangle, Square, Star, and Triangle. They're wheelie fun!

Create a Calendar

Create a Calendar by Uncle Goose

This 2023 offering is a vibrant 53-piece wooden calendar that brings months and days to life. But it's not just any old calendar—it's a mind-boggling journey through time, seasons, events, and creativity. A scrapbooker's delight! 

Eerie Estates


eerie estates by Uncle Goose


Eerie Estates are a limited-edition Halloween treasure for creative families. This set of 4 rectangular planks is crafted from sturdy, hard maple. You'll see haunted houses, dancing skeletons, flying ghosts, fluttering bats, and grinning jack-o-lanterns on one side. Flip them over to reveal the word BOO with an exclamation point!

Reindeer Blocks


Reindeer Blocks


The new Uncle Goose Reindeer Blocks flew out the door in November and December! This 9-block set blends the joy of reindeer games with the puzzling power of wordplay, stockings, and sweater patterns! These blocks became a new holiday tradition for families throughout the land! 

Forest Tales


Forest Tales Chips by Uncle Goose


Little storytellers love Uncle Goose Forest Tales! Daphne the Deer, Burp the Bear, and Flash the Fox are three forest friends. Will the trio embark on a delightful picnic laden with berries and honey? Or will they dodge foul smells and buzzing bees? The choice is yours. Every chip in this toy helps children craft their own narratives.

Storybook Stackers


Storybook Stackers


In September, Uncle Goose raised the curtain on the dazzling Storybook Stackers. This spellbinding set acts as a colorful backdrop to the imagination of young minds. Storybook Stackers lets children get hands-on with their storytelling skills. This captivating set, crafted from 53 basswood chips, sets the stage for any number of dramas.

Creature Feature


Creature Feature Blocks


Around Halloween, Uncle Goose brought 9 legendary creatures to life in our 9-block Creature Feature set. Mu-ha-ha-ha! Each wooden block is a gateway to a realm of monsters, myths, or legends. And you get to spell the word CREATURE with an exclamation point!

Gingerbread Village

Gingerbread Village

The highlight of the Uncle Goose Gingerbread Village is the delightful holiday-themed designs that festoon each hard maple plank. You'll find intricate gingerbread houses adorned with candy canes, lollipops, and frosting. Snowflakes add an extra touch of winter wonderland magic.

As we get ready for the new year, we're feeling motivated. Will we topple this record of 36 new products in one year? We're ready to put on our creativity caps, roll up our sleeves, and get to work!

Stay tuned to find out what's in store for creative play in 2024.