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Uncle Goose Wooden Blocks

Enter the Dragon! How to Build Your Own Mythical Beast

Dragons are not real, but they are really cool! They are part of many stories and legends from different cultures worldwide. And since February 10, 2024, marks the beginning of the Year of the Dragon, it's an excellent time to encourage children to draw and build their own dragons!

The great thing about building a dragon is that you can't mess it up. That's because every dragon looks a little different. You can imagine, build, and draw your dragon any way you wish.

Uncle Goose Chinese Blocks feature all the animals in the Chinese Zodiac, including the mighty dragon. And of course, you can use any of your Uncle Goose blocks to build your own custom dragon!

Uncle Goose Chinese Blocks

Here are five factors to discuss as you go about building your mythical beastie:

1. Some dragons can look like giant lizards, while others look more like snakes with wings. Many are green, but others are red, purple, and gold. Does your dragon have scales and claws? Or does it have hair and horns? Is it big or little? It's all up to you!

2. Does your dragon breathe fire? Many of them do. Others can breathe other dangerous stuff, like ice, plasma, or lightning. They use their breath to defend themselves or attack their enemies. Don't try this at home!

3. Maybe your dragon can fly. Some do, but some don't. Some dragons prefer to stay on the ground or swim in the water. Flying dragons usually have wings, but some can fly without them. How do they do that? Magic!

4. All dragons seem to love treasure. They often collect shiny things like gold, jewels, or dragon eggs. They keep their treasure in caves or castles and guard them jealously. You may want to collect some goodies to make your dragon happy. And if you're going to borrow something from your dragon, you better ask nicely!

5. What kind of personality does your dragon have? Some are mean and grouchy, while others are friendly and helpful. In China, dragons are symbols of wealth and power. In Europe, dragons are symbols of evil and chaos.

After you've built your own custom dragons, try writing your own story, song, or poem about them. After all, dragons are the stuff of legends!

What are some of your favorite stories about dragons? This is a great year to share them! Happy Year of the Dragon!