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Uncle Goose Planet Rollers

Roll with the Best! How Push Toys Help Toddlers

Back in the day, Uncle Goose wagons had rope so you could pull or drag our classic wooden wagons. Those days are gone, and for a good reason.

Pulling a wagon is so last century. Pushing a toy is where it's at in 2024!

Uncle Goose has three lines of push toys that will make your toddler's eyes light up with joy: our Classic Wagons, our Planet Rollers, and our Shapes Rollers. Each one of these toys is designed to stimulate your child's development in different ways.

Here are the top three reasons why push toys are great toys for modern toddlers:

Earth Roller

1. Push toys make your child stronger and smarter. Pushing a toy along the floor is not as easy as it looks. It requires coordination, balance, and strength. With a simple push toy, your toddler gets a little extra support to help them balance. This means they can learn how to control their movements with more confidence. 

Star Roller

2. Push toys stimulate curiosity and creativity. Uncle Goose Shapes Rollers feature different shapes and colors that attract your child's attention and curiosity. Planet Rollers introduce your child to our solar system and astronomy. Push toys also encourage your child to explore different ways of playing, such as pretending, storytelling, and problem-solving.

Uncle Goose Classic Wagon with Blocks

3. Push toys help your child make friends and have fun. Each Uncle Goose Roller is packed with personality. That way, a child can pretend the toy is their friend, pet, or baby. And, of course, Rollers and Classic Wagons can be used for cooperative play, as well. That's where children learn to share their toys with their friends or siblings. After all, children need to learn how to take turns, communicate, and cooperate with their friends and family!

Durable and safe, our Rollers are 100% Made in the USA from fast-growing basswood. And we paint them with colorful, non-toxic inks.

Push toys can help boost your child's self-confidence and independence, as they will feel proud of their achievements and discoveries. What more could you ask for?

Well, maybe a joke. Here's one: What do you call a push toy that pushes you back?

A pushy toy!

Okay, that joke wasn't very funny. But you know what is funny? The look on your toddler's face when they see their new push toy from Uncle Goose Toys!