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Uncle Goose Chips - Forest Tales

Find a Mindful Moment with Uncle Goose Products

In the Uncle Goose meeting area, we have a coffee table. And on that coffee table, you'll find at least one of our chips sets.

What do you think people do while waiting for us to enter a meeting? Are they playing with our products… or are they playing with their phones?

It's about 50/50!

Our patterning chips seem the hardest for adults to resist. We'll lay out some of our Arrows Chips or Mod Chips, and even the most hard-driving salesperson will put down their phones and papers to create their own mini-masterpieces!

Uncle Goose Chips - Mod

Could playing with blocks or chips allow adults to find a few brief moments of serenity? We like to think so.

Now that the holiday season is in full swing, we can't take meetings. We're in full-on, straight-up, hustle-bustle mode ourselves! This time of year can be filled with joy...but also stress.

And yet...we keep our chips on the table!

Our products offer us a refuge from the holiday frenzy and daily grind. Beyond their play value for children, our little wooden marvels quietly transform into mini-portals that lead to relaxation and meditation.

Ah, the touch of smooth basswood! The vivid colors! The symphony of shapes! These elements coalesce into a calming experience when held and explored with intention.

Uncle Goose Chips - Arrows

With their tactile and visual nature, Uncle Goose chips and blocks provide a focal point. They ground us in the present moment and foster mindfulness amidst the seasonal rush.

Could creating a mindful holiday season be as simple as holding a block or a chip in your hand? Why not?

Adults can engage their senses as they explore texture, shape, and weight. We can allow our worries to dissipate. Slowly, peace starts to seep in. Moving blocks around a table is a subtle practice, yet immensely satisfying.

The simple act of stacking blocks or chips can easily become a metaphor for life. It reminds us about the importance of balance, patience, and presence. As each block finds its place atop or alongside another, it mirrors the tranquility of aligning thoughts and finding equilibrium.

Uncle Goose Chips - Storybook Stackers

Do you need a timeout? Put some patterning chips on the table. They'll silently remind you to find a few moments of introspection and calm! Arranging blocks and chips into patterns can put your mind at ease.

Why not let Uncle Goose products serve as a mindful pause amidst the holiday whirlwind? As a bonus, you'll have a unique decor piece at the end of your play session!