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Is it too early to talk about the December holidays?

We’d like to think it’s too early to talk about the December holidays, but what do we know? Ever since July, customers have been stocking up on what we like to think of as our winter holiday items.

You know. Christmas, Hanukkah, and the Solstice. That kind of thing.

While December holiday decor, toys, and gifts are available at the Uncle Goose website, we don’t promote these items in summer. Why would we?

But 2020 has been one strange year, man. We noticed customers stocking up on the Merry Maker, Merry Christmas Letter Blocks, and Happy Hanukkah Letter Blocks starting in July.


That’s unusual. Do our customers know something we don’t?

We decided to call some early holiday shoppers* to find out how they liked the blocks. And what they were thinking by buying them so early?

Zia Fadd Levin from Bonkers, New York bought the Happy Hanukkah Blocks in August. She said she valued being prepared.

Happy hanukkah letter blocks

“The way things are going, you never know,” said Levin. “The mail has been slow in my area. But I ordered the blocks and got them in a few days, anyway. So, thanks!”

OK, fine, but what about Alvin DeFadzi from Hip, Oregon? Why did he buy 20 sets of Merry Maker blocks in September? Isn’t that a little extreme?

Merry Maker Blocks

“I’m an interior designer,” DeFadzi said. “And I’m a big fan of Mary Blair and her influence on mid-century design. These will make great gifts, as well as staging pieces. They're totally on-brand for me.”

Eliza Van Fidd from Sweetness, Georgia bought 8 non-holiday block sets. She had us gift wrap the non-holiday sets in our holiday gift wrap paper, though.

Holiday Gift Wrap

“They’re all Christmas presents,” Van Fidd said. “But I probably won’t be having any of the kids over this year. My kids and grandkids might stop by to wish me a Merry Christmas, though. I don’t know if or how that’s going to happen. So I thought I’d have gifts all ready. Just in case.”

David Flazine from Chillings, Montana bought Merry Christmas blocks in August. And a set of Dinosaur blocks.

Merry Christmas Blocks

“You’re a small business,” Flazine said. “I like that. I want to support small businesses that make stuff in America. Your blocks are really well made. And I thought you might appreciate the business.”

We do, Mr. Flazine. We certainly do!

Thanks to all our customers who ordered early. We’re honored that you chose Uncle Goose for your holiday gifts and decor.

If you have a story you’d like to share about your Uncle Goose blocks and toys, please do!


* All customer names and cities have been changed to protect their identities. We used the anagram of “Feliz Navidad” for each name.