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Uncle Goose Classic Letter Blocks

Four Easy Ways to Be a Bright Spot in Someone’s Day

Winter is coming. The days grow shorter and darker. The skies are often bleak.

How do we cope? And how can we help others?

Try becoming a bright spot.

The world needs bright spots in the midst of darkness or gloom. When you become a bright spot, you can literally lighten someone’s day.

And it doesn’t take much. Here are four easy ways you can become a bright spot as the days grow cloudy and gray.

1. Be playful. Yes, there’s a time and a place to be serious. For example, we take our work seriously. We’re careful with our saws and paints, so that no one gets hurt. But we also play with paints, stack blocks into towers, and knock them down. Fun and play is important work, whether you're an adult or a child. 


Gosling Square Building Blocks

2. Smile more. Do you want to be a star? Then you must shine. That’s what stars do. Use the stars as your guide. Think of your smile as a bright speck of light. It has the power to shine through the vast, dark space. When people around you are gray or dark, you can use your light to shine.

Constellation Blocks with Basswood Tray

3. Bring contrast. When rooms are gray or tan, people can become dreary. Bright colors can “pop” when paired with something neutral and bland. Think about wearing bright and cheerful colors. Or try bringing a small piece of playful or colorful decor to the room. 


Planet Rollers

4. Practice gratitude. Compliment people when they do something kind. Reward effort. Help others. Say “thank you.” Post sayings around your home, classroom, or office that remind you to be grateful. Give small, light-hearted gifts to brighten someone’s day.


Deeds Not Words Suffragette Slogan in Purple and Green

How else can you become a bright spot in someone’s day? What can you do to lighten the mood?