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Create a Calendar: Play, Learn, and Celebrate Every Day!

Create a Calendar: Play, Learn, and Celebrate Every Day!

The elves at Uncle Goose have been going bonkers. This month, we've created a product that will have you experiencing the calendar like never before. So let's look at our newest addition, Create a Calendar!

Create a Calendar Chips by Uncle Goose Box

Our new offering is a vibrant, colorful 53-piece wooden calendar that brings months and days to life. But it's not just any old calendar—it's a mind-boggling journey through time, seasons, events, and creativity.

Let's dive into the mesmerizing details, shall we?

First, you'll see six rectangular wooden chips. Each month is printed in bold colors on opposing sides. Discover all the exciting events, birthdays, and holidays with each piece!

Create a Calendar Birthday

But we didn't stop with mere months!

Create a Calendar also includes 32 square wooden chips with numbers ranging from 0 to 31. These versatile little wonders can be arranged and rearranged. 

Then, we added a humongous heap of seasonal joy!

Your Uncle Goose couldn't resist bringing all the seasons to the party. We included five rectangular and ten square chips adorned with delightful seasonal illustrations. You'll see blooming flowers in spring and cozy snowflakes in winter. Experience falling leaves in autumn and a beautiful rainbow in summer. Spark your creativity and connect with the changing world.

Create a Calendar

But here's the surprise ingredient in Create a Calendar — it's not just a calendar. Nope, it's so much more!

Create a Calendar combines sophistication with simplicity. The clean lines and bold colors are a feast for the eyes. A delicate balance of playfulness and elegance.

Create a Calendar featuring Christmas

Is Create a Calendar an educational product? Yes.

Is it a piece of art for your living room or office? Also yes!

With Create a Calendar, every day is a chance to make memories. Learn something new, and create a world of possibilities!

Order yours today, and let your time-traveling adventures begin!