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Uncle Goose Shape Roller Star

Shape Rollers: Our New Push Toys are Wheely Fun!

Get ready to roll into shapes with our latest push toys! Experience geometric adventures with the Shapes Rollers.

Shapes Rollers Are More Than Meets the Side-Eye!

Shapes Rollers are six wooden friends with unique shapes, colors, and funny faces. And, of course, each shape rolls on four wooden wheels.

But Shapes Rollers are not your average push toys—they're your child's new best buddies. So let's meet the whole gang of 6:

Circle Roller Green

1. The Sneaky Circle. Don't be fooled by its innocent shape! This mischievous green friend is always up to something fun. Round and round it goes, ready to add a curve to your adventures!

Oval Shapes Roller

2. The Cheerful Oval. With its left-looking side-eye, the yellow oval is here to spread joy wherever it rolls. It's like having a smooth little happiness generator by your side!

Rectangle Roller


3. The Adventurous Rectangle. Watch out! This thrill-seeking orange daredevil is all about blazing trails and conquering obstacles. So get ready for high-speed excitement on every corner!

Shapes Roller Square

4. The Dependable Square.
Need a steadfast companion? This red square is your go-to buddy! With its stable structure, it's always there to lend a helping hand and keep things grounded.

Shapes Roller Star

5. The Energetic Star.
Shine bright like a star! This energetic blue friend is the life of the party! The star brings boundless energy and enthusiasm to your playtime extravaganza.

Shapes Roller Triangle Red

6. The Smart Triangle
. Geometric genius alert! The triangle is here to teach you a thing or three about angles, shapes, and clever problem-solving. Who knew learning could be so fun?

Learning + Play = Best Friends Forever!

Push toys are not all about developing motor skills. They also inspire exploration, storytelling, and making friends. The Shape Rollers sneak in valuable lessons about shapes and colors while a child is simply enjoying wholesome playtime.

Collect Them All or Pick Your Favorite!

Decisions, decisions! Will your child gather the whole Shape Roller crew for the ultimate team adventure? Or will they pick a favorite buddy to join them on their geometric journey?

Either way, have a wheely good time playing with Shapes Rollers!