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How to Recognize Mid-Century Modern Design

How to Recognize Mid-Century Modern Design

Clean lines. Vibrant colors. Organic materials and shapes. All that, and a hardcore focus on functionality.

Those qualities speak to the essence of mid-century modern design, also known as mid-sench. This popular design style started in the 1940s and remained popular until the 1960s. However, the design style is making a significant comeback.

Here are four ways you can recognize the popular mid-century modern style:

Uncle Goose Gaggle Grousers, 4 animal blocks

1. Look for clean lines
. One of the most striking elements of mid-century modern design is its simplicity. Forget about fancy frills and excessive ornamentation. Mid-century designers were like the Marie Kondo of their time – they believed in keeping things clean, minimal, and clutter-free. It's all about that sleek, streamlined look that can make even the most ordinary objects look extraordinary.

Uncle Goose Garden Environments featuring 2 mid-century inspired caterpillars

2. Get back to nature.
Mid-sench relies primarily on natural materials. Think back to when people celebrated the beauty of wood before everything was made of plastic. Uncle Goose wooden blocks fit right into this design style. They bring a warm and organic touch that's oh-so-pleasing to the eye and the touch.

Uncle Goose Environments Desert featuring mountains

3. Break one fundamental rule.
Remember how mid-century modern design doesn't include excess ornamentation or decoration? That's mostly true, except for when it comes to natural elements. So in mid-sench, you'll often suddenly see abstractions of starbursts, snowflakes, flowers, birds, and atoms that exist solely to add flair and whimsy.

Merry Makers by Uncle Goose

4. Dig the bold colors, baby. Mid-century modern design plays with vibrant hues. Picture a room decked out in sunshine yellow, atomic orange, or minty green. It's like a carnival for your senses! These assertive colors add a playful touch and make the design feel alive and kicking.

Gosling Square Blocks by Uncle Goose featuring bold colors

Imagine a playroom with colorful wooden blocks. It's like a mini Mad Men or Mrs. Maisel set for the 21st century! Mid-century modern design can inspire children to appreciate the beauty of simplicity with a soupçon of starbursts and snowflakes.

Let mid-sench make you feel like the hippest cat in the room. Grab your blocks, let your imagination soar, and prepare to create something timeless.

Stay groovy, and keep on playing with design!