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Uncle Goose Gingerbread Village

Gingerbread Village: Holiday Decor for Home and Office

Lately, your Uncle Goose has been having visions. Visions of sugarplums. They're dancing in our heads.

So we couldn't resist. We brought our sweet dreams to life!

That's why we're introducing our newest wooden creation: Gingerbread Village! We designed these wonderful wooden planks to add holiday charm to your home or office.

Uncle Goose Gingerbread Village

Crafted from Hard Maple

Uncle Goose Gingerbread Village is crafted from hard maple, a beautiful and durable wood. Each set includes four rectangular planks measuring 8.5 inches in length, 6.75 inches in height, and 1.75 inches in width. These dimensions make them the perfect size for mantels, shelves, or tabletop displays.

Festive Designs

The highlight of Uncle Goose Gingerbread Village is the delightful holiday-themed designs that festoon each plank. You'll find intricate gingerbread houses adorned with candy canes, lollipops, and frosting. Snowflakes add an extra touch of winter wonderland magic.

We printed the houses with safe-to-touch inks. And while they may look delicious, please don't eat them!

Uncle Goose Gingerbread Village

Versatile Decor

Gingerbread Village is versatile when it comes to decorating your space. Will you put them on your fireplace mantel? Or will they adorn a shelf at your office? They may even become a part of your dining table centerpiece.

Of course, you'll want to use them as festive backdrops for holiday photos. They also make a fabulous decorative display on your windowsill or holiday storefront display.

Spell NOEL and More

Turn the planks around, and you'll discover an additional layer of holiday magic. A snowman and a cheerful polar bear help you spell out "NOEL," a classic holiday word synonymous with joy and celebration.

Uncle Goose Gingerbread Village

Of course, you can always play with anagrams. Maybe you'll spell LONE. Or ONE L. Who knows? Tesla fans may even spell ELON, while old Tonight Show fans will spell LENO.

The days are growing shorter. The nights are getting nights longer. You need some holiday cheer. So why not bring the warmth of our Gingerbread Village into your space?