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Trending: What's New in Wooden Toys

Wooden toys seem old-fashioned, don't they? And yet, your Uncle Goose still needs to keep our designs fresh and appealing. How do we do it?

Well, we can't just follow trends. A few years ago, a software company approached us to create a computerized version of our blocks. We had to pass.

Instead, we keep our eyes and ears open. Observation is the foundation of creativity! And this year, we've noticed 5 toy trends where Uncle Goose is a definite design leader:

1. Sustainable Materials

Uncle Goose Vietnamese Blocks

Today's parents are not just looking for toys; they seek eco-friendly play companions for their children. All Uncle Goose toys are 100% Made in the USA from fast-growing, sustainable Midwestern basswood. We use only child-safe inks on all our products. And last year, we got the idea to recycle the wood chips from our block-making process to create a new line of wooden toys: CHIPS. Customers who buy our blocks and chips show a commitment to environmental consciousness.

2. Personalized Play

Uncle Goose Classic Letters

Toys are taking a personalized turn. For example, the Uncle Goose Alphablanks set encourages you to color and decorate your own set of blocks. Further, people love spelling their special messages and names with Uncle Goose Classic Letters and Specialty Letters! A present like that caused more than one customer to exclaim, "I won the baby shower for best gift!" And, of course, the Uncle Goose Legacy ABC Blocks with Maple Box has become a holiday favorite. This treasure lets you personalize the box by engraving your name or message on the nameplate.

3. Multisensory Learning

Uncle Goose Sign Language Blocks

Inclusivity is also a key trend in wooden toy design. Over the past few years, we've seen an uptick in sales of our American Sign Language Alphabet blocks. Move over Spanish: ASL is now our second most popular alphabet block set! Our Braille Blocks and Braille Math Blocks engage children in multisensory learning. All the toys in our Abilities line of toys help foster inclusive play.

4. Artistic Expression

Uncle Goose Mod Chips

Wooden blocks aren't just toys. They also transform playtime into artistic expression. For example, children use Uncle Goose Gosling Square Blocks to build stunning architectural wonders. All the toys in our new line of Patterning Chips let you create unique designs to decorate your home or office. And with Forest Tales, you can even craft and display your own funny stories, complete with illustrations!

5. Push Toys

Uncle Goose Star Roller

Pull toys are out: push toys are in! As toddlers play with push toys, they improve their coordination and balance. Uncle Goose wagons help toddlers develop physical strength, balance, and gross and fine motor skills. Our Planet Roller push toys provide support and stability for toddlers learning to walk. And our Shapes Rollers help promote cognitive development by including shapes and colors that stimulate the brain.

At Uncle Goose, we'll continue to watch toy trends. We'll even set a few as we learn and grow! Join us in exploring the future of play, where every toy is crafted to inspire and delight.