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Watch Out For The Block Mess Monster!

Watch Out For The Block Mess Monster!

Once Upon a November….

Watch out! This is the time of year when the Block Mess Monster can appear! It often arises from a sea of building blocks and toys that children might leave scattered around your home!

The Block Mess Monster thrives on the hustle and bustle of the holiday season and days spent indoors. When no one's watching, it emerges from its slumber, ready to wreak havoc!

Oh, the horror!

In homes across the land, parents and children come face to face with the aftermath of the Block Mess Monster's escapades. Blocks, toys, and playthings are scattered everywhere, creating a seemingly insurmountable mess.

It's in these moments of cluttered chaos that we are reminded of the importance of responsibility and tidiness in the world of play.

Uncle Goose Chinese Blocks


Taming the Beast

Fear not! Your Uncle Goose brings you six solutions to put the Block Mess Monster in its place!

Uncle Goose Classic ABC Blocks with Wagon

1. Our Trusty Wooden Wagon. Our wooden wagon, a long-time favorite, not only keeps blocks organized but also serves as a reliable mode of transportation. The trusty wagon ensures blocks stay in their designated places. 

Uncle Goose Canvas Bag

2. The 100% Made In the USA Canvas Bag. For those who prefer a flexible and portable solution, our canvas bag offers an ideal way to store and carry blocks. It's a simple yet efficient method to keep the Block Mess Monster from taking over your home.

Uncle Goose Zodiac Blocks

3. Basswood Trays for Block Sets. Many of our block sets come with basswood display trays. This is an elegant and practical storage solution. These trays allow blocks to be both stored and displayed with grace, keeping them well-organized.

Uncle Goose Storage Box

4. The Upscale Orange Box. Our popular and exquisite Upscale Orange Box serves as an impeccable storage solution. It's also a faithful and rugged guardian that deters the Block Mess Monster from emerging.

Uncle Goose Classic ABC Blocks

5. The Custom Maple Box. This deluxe storage solution is a holiday favorite! You can personalize the box by engraving your name or message on the nameplate. It comes packed with 32 Classic ABC blocks and 32 Classic Lowercase ABC Blocks.

Uncle Goose Alphablank Blocks in a Crate

6. The Basswood Crate. Our basswood crate comes with 64 uppercase and lowercase Alphablank blocks. Alphablanks are naked basswood cubes with uppercase and lowercase letters embossed on opposing sides. Each set has two complete alphabets and two extra A and E blocks. We also include an additional S, T, R, M, I, O, L, and N blocks.

A Lesson Learned

Let the legend of the Block Mess Monster remind us of the importance of playtime responsibility. There's a proper place to return your playthings after every adventure. 

Banish the Block Mess Monster! Only you can help ensure that your magical world of wooden blocks remains a sanctuary of creativity and order.