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Uncle Goose Groovie Ghoulie Blocks

Get Ready to Decorate for Halloween!

Our Happy Halloween Letter Blocks and Groovie Ghoulie Blocks are flying out of the Uncle Goose woodshop like bats out of the belfry! And you know what that means: it’s time to decorate your home, classroom, or office for the spooky Halloween season!

Uncle Goose Groovie Ghoulie Blocks feature:

  • Ghosts, bats, cats
  • Pumpkins and tombstones
  • Skeletons and tentacles
  • Eyeballs and eyebrows
  • Crazy grins and flapping wings
  • Tombstones and cross bones

Groovy Ghoulie Blocks by Uncle Goose

The Groovy Ghoulies will drive you batty. You’ve played peekaboo: now play eeek and BOO!

Dig the wild color palettes with oranges and blacks and purples and greens. It’s always Ghoul O’Clock with these crazy transplants from Transylvania.

Another Uncle Goose toy that’s seeing a huge uptick in sales is our Happy Halloween Letter Blocks. These are rectangular blocks feature our own Uncle Goose typeface.

Happy Halloween Letter Blocks

The letters spell out "Happy Halloween." You’ll enjoy the debossed bats and the traditional orange and black color palette.

Beyond decor, both block sets are also fun toys. And no, they aren't the least bit scary! They're made from sustainable Midwestern basswood. We paint them with non-toxic, child-safe inks. And as always, Uncle Goose Toys are 100% Made in the USA.

Make sure to get yours quick, before they disappear. You know how ghosts and ghoulies and Halloween treats are: they tend to vanish without a trace!